A “normal” day for an entrepreneur

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• Caffeine-up
• Follow up with customers
Analyze website traffic
• Move forward on strategy for growing customer base
• Tweak strategy for growing customer base
Manage accounting activity
• Re-caffeinate
• Gain inspiration from a teammate (or the StartupNation community)
• Analyze sales
• Walk the dog (home-based businesses only)
Shipping & receiving activity
• Interface with customers (all day long – pre-empting all other tasks)
• Realize that you forgot to eat lunch (but don’t do anything about it)
• Update some software
• Be wildly creative
• Grab a piece of fruit & eat ½ of it before losing attention to more important things
• Dance the jig because you just landed a big customer
• Fix the toilet
• Write a blog or update your website or record a podcast
• Read a blog, research competitive websites, listen to a podcast
• Be surprised when someone tells you about a world event that happened 2 weeks ago that you never heard about (Berlin Wall falling or hurricane hitting New Orleans kind of thing)
• Exercise to clear your head & think about new product/service ideas the whole time
• Write down the new outrageously great ideas while dripping sweat on the pad of paper
• Work another 4 hours doing everything listed above over again
Fall exhausted into your chair, remembering that you forgot to eat dinner as you fall asleep with a HUGE smile on your face because you’re pursuing your dream life

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