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How (and Why) to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI

You know how important content marketing is to your business. Your audience is online, and you've got to reach out to them. You're writing optimized posts, creating video content and doing everything you can to entice your customers. However, this is only half of the job. To ensure you're doing the right thing and actually...
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How to Follow Up With Sales Leads the Right Way

It's a task so many professionals dread, yet it's a critical aspect of running a sustainable business. You may think of following up with leads as a one-time event: you capture a sales lead, wait a day or two, and then give them a call. The end. In reality, following up with leads is a...
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5 Common Reasons Why Your Startup is Losing Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of just about every small business. They’re the fuel that keeps the engine going. With a steady influx of targeted leads, you’ll make more sales, learn more about your customers and generate more revenue. However, many startups face two common challenges when it comes to leads: Getting the leads in the first...
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Where Bad Sales Leads Come From and How to Avoid Them

Avoid Getting Bad Sales Leads Lots of small business owners and sales people complain about not having enough good sales leads, or feel like the sales leads that they have are not good enough. It’s true that not all sales leads are equally promising – some sales prospects are ready to buy immediately; others are...
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How to Build a Sales Lead Funnel

Build Your Sales Funnel As marketers, most of us spend a lot of time worrying about of the "front end" of our marketing efforts. Advertising campaigns, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, search campaigns, PR campaigns, content marketing campaigns, trade show campaigns, etc. These are all important parts of your marketing and well worth your time...
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3 tips to ignite sales leads from your blog

Blog your way to sales leads! “Start a blog.” We have heard this advice numerous times now from marketing experts. It sounds simple, but without a focused approach and measurable goals, it’s easy for the blog to suck time, with uncertain returns for your efforts. Many small business owners get into blogging with unrealistic expectations....
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Salesforce for cheap

I'm no marketing genius, but I know that certain products and services require repeat exposure to prospects before they will convert to customers. I've heard that the magic number is 6 or 7 points of exposure. Think of how much business you could be losing if you are not following up with interested prospects. Now,...