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How Startups Can Leverage Twitter to Find and Close More Leads

Over the past decade, we’ve seen the unstoppable rise of social media. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with platforms that grab and retain user attention. It is, in short, the ideal battleground for brands to advertise and gain new business. Below, we will look at how any startup can drive revenue by finding more leads...
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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Competitions for Startups

Social media competitions have been an effective tool in the startup world for years, for the veterans as much as the new kids on the block. If handled correctly, they can have a huge impact on traffic, engagement, awareness; whatever your KPI may be. They can also be very difficult to put together effectively, so...
Guide to social media
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A Minimalist Guide to Social Media for Your Brand

We all have those periods in our lives where we’re spread thin. We’re working too hard, not sleeping enough, and just trying to cram one more task into our already busy schedules. A society that tells you that you can do anything has become a culture that tries to do everything. Our “everything” mentality has,...
Social media strategy
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5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Startup’s Social Media Strategy

Launching a startup is exciting, but wearing many hats can be both exhilarating and draining—because it’s hard to juggle 10 jobs and be the master of them all. Some tasks are easier than others, but one of these hats, social media, is a pain point for many entrepreneurs. The way we communicate with potential customers...
Brand management
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4 Lessons in Brand Management from the Twittersphere

Twitter for businesses is a notoriously difficult beast. With a climate that’s ripe for reactionary statements and recycled jokes, it can seem hard to get a serious message across, let alone an earnest bit of branding. You only have to look at the numerous failed hashtags to see how a message with honest intentions can...
Twitter Leapfrog Method
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Revolutionizing Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method

Blogging isn’t as easy as it used to be. Five years ago, you could write a 500-word article about a topic that you were an expert in and expect hundreds, if not thousands, of people to find that article. Marketers saw how impactful blogging was, and began pushing out new, 500-word articles as frequently as...
Social analytics
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Social Analytics: Learn to Embrace it to Improve Your Marketing

I often hear small business owners complain that the marketing they’re doing isn’t working. However, they don’t know exactly what they were expecting, nor what their actual results were. It’s frustrating. I’m a huge proponent of measuring analytics and insights, as well as having goals for that very reason. If you don’t know what you’re...
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Q&A with Mark Kaye on Snapchat for Business

Earlier this year, mobile messaging app Snapchat surpassed Twitter in daily usage. Savvy brands and entrepreneurs now use Snapchat for business in order to connect with fans, but unlike other social media platforms where messages and photos live on, snaps (the images shared on Snapchat) can have a limited shelf life and self-destruct within a...