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Change Your Message: Creating a UVP to Make Marketing Magic – Part 3

Your UVP and Marketing Magic – Part 3

Welcome back to the blog series, “Change Your Message.” So let me ask you, “Why is it so important that everyone know what’s so different about your product, service or cause?” Well. . .

Second Verse, Same as The First?

Almost everything that people need already exists…and, for the most part, it’s all working just fine. So what’s the point of bothering to bring anything new to the table, right? Well, even though the vacuum, the fan, and the hand dryer all existed before, Dyson still “reinvented” each one – and made that design innovation the cornerstone of the company’s marketing. With that in mind, what is it that’s so different about your product, service, or cause that it will capture the attention of the right people?

You no longer have a captive audience. You need to truly stand out in order to be noticed. It’s not about the “-ers”—“better” or “faster” or “stronger.” It’s about being markedly different, or what I call the “est.” If you’re not stating your unique value proposition clearly and confidently, you get lost in the fray; you’ll be ignored. In people’s hectic lives, there’s no time to ask for clarification. If they don’t get your story or want you right now, they will subconsciously press that Google back button in their brain and move on.

The bottom line is: if you can communicate your difference, then there’ll be some sort of impression formed in the mind of the customer. If you can’t communicate a distinct difference, something worse happens; there’s no impression formed in the customer’s mind. You’re ignored; you’re an afterthought.

In the next 5 tips, I’ll shine a light on pinpointing your “-est,” guiding you in how to write out an effective UVP, then encourage you to carry it around boldly, to the right people and get you primed to have them bring your UVP into their conversations with word of mouth.

So, let’s get you out there, loud and proud.

Watch for the next post of this blog series, “Change Your Message” and Tip #1,”Pinpoint Your Unique “-EST”-ness! AND if you haven’t already gotten Olga Mizrahi’s UVP Worksheet, click on this link, other goodies or visit

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