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Take Action on Scary, Month-End Sales Numbers

Are Your Sales Numbers Frightening?

It’s Halloween so things are pretty scary out there. But if you are looking at low sales numbers as the end of the month grows near, that can be darn right terrifying!

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got a few helpful tips for you.

First of all, are you giving customers what they want? Take a look at your content and ask yourself these questions…

3 Questions to Improve Your Content Strategy for Better Sales

1. What content are customers clicking on and sharing the most?

Look at your Google Analytics. What are the most popular pages on your site?

Look at your social media posts. What topics are people sharing the most?

These statistics will give you valuable information about what your customers find most interesting. And once you know the data, use it to your advantage. Provide more content related to the most popular topics!

2. Are you all sales?

Do all of your e-mails, social media posts, blogs, articles, and other content focus on why customers should buy your products?

Stop it! People are sick of getting sales messages!

Instead, provide valuable and unique information only you can offer. Then, potential customers will actually care about what you have to say and share the information with others instead of opting out of your list or deleting your messages.

3. Are you helpful?

Along with point #2 above, are you thinking about your customers first?

When you talk to potential customers, co-workers, partners, advertisers – basically anyone you do business with – ask how you can help them. By offering to provide your services, feedback, tips, etc., you can form valuable, long-term relationships to help you with your business. After all, relationships are all about give and take, and if you are only taking, your relationships won’t last!

Stop the Fear by Caring About Others.

If your sales are down this month, it’s time to take action and make changes. Find out what your customers want by reading your Web and social media stats. Then, use this data to provide your target market with valuable information.

And stop thinking about your sales message. Instead, focus on giving your customers the tips, insights, free reports, links, referrals, etc. that they will find interesting and want to share with others. While you won’t be focusing on sales, you will be building a brand known for credibility and customer service. And that’s what people want – not a sales pitch!

Finally, always ask others how you can help them. Then, honestly help them succeed. You’ll build a reputation for being someone who is easy to work with and trustworthy. This in turn will assist you in forming a network of business relationships that will refer work to you.

Being a business owner, some day you are going to need help too. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of business associates in place that you can rely on during these times?

Stop being scared of your sales numbers. Review your content and make the changes necessary to grow your business now.

Do you have questions about your content strategy and boosting sales? Please write to me below or at www.rembrandtwrites.com.

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