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10 Low-Cost Tools to Get Started with Influencer Marketing

This is the year for influencer marketing. Heard that before? That’s because year after year; influencer marketing growth has eclipsed expectations. A recent study of marketers found that 84 percent of businesses have a campaign planned in the next 12 months. Businesses are seeing strong returns and 51 percent think they attract better customers than they do with traditional advertisements.

With the right tools, it’s easy to build affordable social media influencer campaigns. However, finding the right tools can be a challenge. The marketplace is crowded with startups and mature solutions. It’s a tricky choice.

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To help, we researched and performed trials on the most popular influencer marketing platforms and found 10 low-cost tools perfect for a variety of influencer marketing needs.

Tools for finding influencers

Just as the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, the journey of 1,000 influencers begins with finding one to suit your needs. The tools listed below may offer additional features, but their true value begins with helping you discover and connect with the right influencer for your business needs.


Find influencers in any location or category with BuzzSumo. Sort by reach, authority and engagement to find people that align with your target audience. Then, build outreach plans, add influencers to Twitter lists and export data for detailed analysis. BuzzSumo Pro starts at $79 per month and is a good starter plan for small teams.


Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach houses more than 25 million websites in its database of influencers. Use your target keywords to search for social media influencers and bloggers with matching descriptions.

Once you’ve found prospects, you can manage contacts inside the tool along with message history, notes and relationship tracking. Ninja Outreach for small teams is reasonable at $75 per month.



Klear is a discovery platform built for bigger brands. It boasts 500 million social profiles and influencers in over 60,000 categories. Use it to find, engage and track relevant insights, manage influencer outreach and monitor ongoing campaigns.

Klear is a costlier option than the previous two, but still offers a very reasonable $250 per month for a starter plan.



Scrunch is an all-inclusive, end-to-end platform that enables you to search and bookmark influencers from a comprehensive database that includes dozens of niche markets. You can search by geographical location, engagement rates, follower range or by the specific social network you’re interested in.

Prices on Scrunch vary, but for the small business interested in getting their feet wet, the starter package is free of charge and allows you to manage a single campaign. For unlimited campaigns and expanded features, the pro model package starts at a reasonable $99 per month. Custom packages are also available.


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Influencer contact and communication tools

Communication is the foundation of a successful influencer-marketing program. The tools below are standouts for managing your influencer relationships and communication. From compiling a directory of contacts to tracking messages; these tools are ideal for the business that values efficient communication.


BuzzStream helps businesses build relationships with influencers. This outreach platform maintains contact information, profiles and conversation history between brands and the influencers they work with.

Touchpoints from all team members are tracked right in the tool, freeing up valuable time your team needs to build out successful marketing campaigns. Buzzstream is really affordable, with its lowest package starting at $24 per month.



Send customizable messages to influencers and track the process every step of the way with Pitchbox. The outreach automation is a time saver, allowing businesses to push messages and schedule follow-ups through templated emails. Contact Pitchbox for pricing, as the company offers fully customizable subscriptions. 

pitchboxInfluencer marketplaces

If you’re interested in casting a wider net, influencer marketplaces are the ideal solution. On these platforms, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of influencers. Some platforms allow influencers to compete for your business, while others allow you to set goals and view proposals. If you like having options at your fingertips; influencer marketplaces offer just that.


FameBit is an influencer marketplace targeting YouTube users specifically. Influencers submit proposals for campaigns and create video content that can reach audiences of more than 1 million people.

A lot of influencer audiences are heavy on millennials and Generation Z users. Google owns FameBit, so you know it’s a reputable platform that has a bright future. Brands pay a 10 percent service fee for approved content; so the cost is determined by the overall campaign spend.

fame bit


Octoly targets YouTube and Instagram users. In this marketplace, brands give influencers free products in exchange for video reviews. Octoly prides itself on authentic reviews, which help boost brand loyalty. The platform primarily focuses on the health, beauty and lifestyle verticals, although not exclusively.

There are 2,400 influencers using Octoly who have contributed to more than 100,000 reviews. For authentic reviews and genuine feedback, Octoly is a marketplace with little risk.



Shoutcart is the number one marketplace for Instagram influencers. It’s simple to use: brands search influencers, add chosen influencers to their cart and pay the advertised fee. Brands then pass along content for the influencer to share.

Shoutcart Score reflects an influencer’s engagement metrics, including likes and followers. Fees will vary based on the specific influencer; however, you can get started for as little as $5.


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Full service influencer marketing platforms

For the brand that wants it all, a full service platform is the perfect solution. From discovery to relationship management, tracking and campaign analytics, a full-service influencer-marketing platform handles everything you need.


Full-service platforms like Tomoson offer a complete influencer solution. From searching influencers, to managing contracts, shipping products and reporting, Tomoson does a little of everything.

The platform connects campaigns and influencers, while giving brands the tools required for end-to-end management and tracking influencer performance. This gives businesses complete control over the messaging and relationship aspect of influencer marketing. Tomoson’s basic package starts at an affordable $49 per month.


A solution for all

The influencer marketing industry is only going to continue to grow. Finding a platform that fits the needs of your business is essential to the development of your influencer marketing strategy.

These 10 tools help you enter the space with low costs and minimal commitment, but don’t wait too long to get started. Influencers are growing increasingly valuable to brands and the price to play in this space can evolve rapidly.

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