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Personal branding
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4 Personal Branding Strategies for Startup Founders

Being a startup founder is a very tough but rewarding experience. I was fortunate early on in college at UNCG to have a mentor who successfully closed multiple investment rounds from two tech startup ventures and had one acquired. After selling the first startup, he was able to quickly gain funding with no business plan...
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How Startups and Entrepreneurs Can Use TikTok to Grow Their Businesses

TikTok has risen to new heights in recent years with its short-form videos: the app is now available in over 150 markets across the globe, in 75 languages and has over 689 million active monthly users. Internet usage has spiked amid the pandemic, and TikTok remained the most downloaded app in Q1 of 2021. As people seek...
User-Generated Content
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Why User-Generated Content is the Secret to Successful Marketing

As every entrepreneur knows, an idea gets your business off the ground, but getting the word out and developing a loyal customer base is what keeps the lights on. Making the most of your marketing budget is a challenge that most startups face. Where do I spend? What do I spend on? How can I...
influencer marketing
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10 Low-Cost Tools to Get Started with Influencer Marketing

This is the year for influencer marketing. Heard that before? That’s because year after year; influencer marketing growth has eclipsed expectations. A recent study of marketers found that 84 percent of businesses have a campaign planned in the next 12 months. Businesses are seeing strong returns and 51 percent think they attract better customers than...
SEO basics
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SEO Basics: Getting Your Small Business Started

As a small business owner, there are many aspects you need to oversee in order for your business to succeed. However, one aspect you might be overlooking is search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO, you can better grow your organic presence in market. Organic presence means non-paid placement in search engine results. For example, if...
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PR Tips for Entrepreneurs: Gain Brand Credibility and Coverage

As an entrepreneur, you’re undoubtedly wearing many hats. You’ve found yourself becoming a marketer, business development manager, accountant and perhaps an employer. Amongst all of this, perhaps much further down the "to do" list, is PR. You’d love to hire a public relations agency some day, or perhaps you’d like to do it yourself, if only you...
Product launch
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Nail Your Startup’s Product Launch with These Steps

Deadlines are good to have, but it's equally important how we communicate those deadlines to our teams and project stakeholders, especially during a product launch. There are a few key things to consider around the launch of a new product, such as: Do you need a deadline for a product launch? Is there a market life...
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Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs at Any Age

In 2016, LinkedIn influencer Lou Adler surveyed 3,000 people to discover how they found their most recent job. A staggering 85 percent credited networking for helping them get hired; using network connections is even considered the primary means for finding work, above applying for jobs on websites or using any other method. Beyond employment, networking is a...
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How One Entrepreneur Uses Influencers to Help Apps Gain Traction

While most college students prefer to spend their downtime at toga parties, Victor Ricci went about things differently. Like most young people, he wasn’t spending every waking hour at the library—he too was having fun, but in a way that would make him profitable. Does his name ring a bell? If so, that’s because during his...
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5 Social Media Marketing Game Changers to Watch in 2017

In this day and age, you’d struggle to find a businessperson who didn’t recognize the importance of social media marketing within an overall marketing strategy. The world of social media marketing is in a constant state of flux, meaning this is no time to rest on your laurels and smell the roses. Here, we’ve saved...
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Get Press for Your Startup with These 7 Bulletproof Steps

As someone who has used public relations to grow multiple businesses, I often hear stories of entrepreneurs struggling to get press for their startups. I know how frustrating it can be. From the outside, the media world can seem impossibly difficult to crack. The truth is that there is no “secret sauce” to getting press....
Narrative content
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Content is (Not) King, Content is Currency

I have a love/hate relationship with the idea that content is king. For starters, there are many examples of great companies, killer profits and expansive growth that do not have content. These companies may have advertising or even marketing, but true, narrative content they do not. With respect to Bill Gates, content is not king, content...