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Are Your Press Quotes Newsworthy?

Yeah. Yeah. We know you’re “excited” about the news!

You’ve all seen this before…

“We are thrilled to have…”

“We are so excited to be working with…”

Guess what?

I have a little secret for you – we already know you are excited and thrilled with the news. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be distributing a press release now, would you?

This is just one of my pet-peeves when it comes to press releases. And if you are in the process of writing a press release, here are a few quick things to keep in mind when it comes to quoting others.

1.  Provide value.

Before writing, think about why your news is important to others. Include valuable information that is actually newsworthy. For your quotes, include a new insight, personal opinion or data about the news that your target market will find interesting.

2.  Add SEO.

Quotes are often pulled-out of press releases and inserted into media-venues “as is” so why not make the most of them?

With this in mind, try to include search engine optimization (SEO) keywords in your quotes. They will stand out, and a potential customer may find your business online via the press release and make a purchase!

3.  Keep it short.

When inserting a quote into your release, keep it short and sweet. Get to the point and make it reader-friendly.

4.  Pick the right person.

When writing a press release, try to have a business executive and someone outside of your organization provide the quotes. People want to hear from the leaders of an organization and from an outside party– not the PR or marketing professional. You’ll instantly add more credibility to your release.

What will your quote be?

These are just a few, quick tips to help you write better quotes for your press releases. Since you’re spending the time and effort to distribute news, why not get the most out of it that you possibly can?

If you need additional help with your public relations and SEO content strategy to boost sales, please write to me here or at

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