Got Tax and Business Stress?

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Accomplish Your Goals With Less Stress

It’s tax time, and if you are a small business owner, you are probably dealing with financial statements, legal payments and lots of paperwork. Even if you have a team of people to help you, this time of year can be overwhelming. After all, you have to make sure all of your paperwork is filed correctly while keeping your business running.

Well, instead of stressing out, here are a few quick tips to handle this busy month:

·        Write A Plan.

If you have deadlines at work, tax activities to finalize and other responsibilities, take a moment to write everything down. Then, look at what you need to accomplish first and what is most important.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to do it all so look at your priorities and the things you really want to accomplish. Then, write down a schedule of what you are going to do and when. If other activities come up that aren’t part of your plan, just say “No” or adjust your plan accordingly.

·        Get Help.

What are the top things you need to take care of this month? If your site and social media need updating, your files are a mess or you have administrative tasks that need to be taken care of, think about hiring a part-time assistant, getting an intern or getting family and friends to help out.

While you may want to do things by yourself to save time and money, you can save yourself a lot of stress by turning over projects to others. Hire a professional, SEO copywriter to help you update your online marketing messages and Website. Enlist your kids to help you clean your office. Bring in a temporary assistant to help you with administrative and office tasks. Before you know it, the work will be done, and you can relax a little!

Don’t Do It All!

As a small business owner, it can be easy to want to do it all. Yes, you’ll have control over everything, but at what cost? You’ll get all the work done, but what kind of sacrifices are you making in the process with your health, friends and family life?

Take the time to get organized and find the right people to help you out. Then, you can get all of your work done, prepare your taxes and still have some time for fun activities and down time.

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