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5 Ways to Boost the SEO of Your Startup

As a business owner, if you are still focusing on keyword rankings as a top priority, your business is missing out on many additional SEO techniques. Instead of spending so much money, effort and energy on a keyword, here are five aspects to focus on beyond keyword rankings.

Take your startup to the next level by implementing the following techniques:

Optimizing landing pages

Landing pages are fantastic indicators of the communication and copy absorbed by your customers. If the page is not converting at over 30 percent to 35 percent, there is always room for improvement. Begin by working on the content that converts the highest, then move down to the content of lesser importance, or the content that does not focus as highly on guiding the user toward an action.

Testing with paid ads and paid campaigns

Open a Google Adwords account and start running campaigns. This does not have to be very expensive, as you’re able to set bids and decide how much to spend per day. If you have a couple of ideas or theories on which keywords (or topics) are most likely to drive conversions, test them and see results on Google Analytics.

Once all your efforts determine which topics worked best and drove the most conversions, run another test on your ad copy to see what keyword combinations have the highest click-through rate (CTR). Make sure to include the winning variation into your landing page’s SEO title tag and meta description.

Also on Successful SEO Tips for Startups

Review sites

Customers need social proof and online reviews in order to determine the quality of a company or service. Your product could be amazing, but if it does not have reviews, it can have a hard time being credible or reliable. Positive reviews on websites increase trust and visibility while projecting transparency.

Customer perception is everything when it comes to growth, so get out there and register on influential business rating sites such as: Google My Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau,, Yahoo Local and Facebook Ratings and Reviews.

Content creation

Copywriting will probably be the most important part of your online process, conversion and way of measuring what is really working while your product or service is online. The copy on the page is just the beginning, as your business needs incredible content that is worthy of sharing through different social media platforms.

Whether your team plows through dozens of articles per month, guides, e-books, cheat sheets, etc., focus on providing high quality information for your customers. Shy away from 500 to 1,000 word articles and shift towards 2,500 plus descriptive pieces of content. Yes it is true, the 500 word articles are quick reads, but your business needs to stand out.

Truthfully, anybody can produce a quick article to start ranking and add more internal links to a page. However, what is the actual point of such quick efforts if nobody wants to take the time to share it, nor bookmark it for future reference?

Begin by creating a content marketing strategy to figure out your customer’s search patterns. Write down what are they searching, what questions arise, what issues they are trying to solve and continue by creating well-written pieces to solve their problems.

Influencers and followers

More eyeballs on your top converting content means more people have the ability to either purchase, contact or share with friends. The more social shares your content has, the more traffic it will end up receiving.

Grow and get more visibility by reaching out and contacting influencers who are willing to link your content to their posts. Buzzsumo provides the ability to find top influencers per topic searched, while organizing lists per highest domain authority pages, number of followers and per country or region if you brand wants some international SEO.

Buzzstream is another software that also gives users the ability to find top influencers on their specific niche or per website visit in order to start building high quality links that will ultimately mean more traffic, more visibility, more leads and more conversions.

SEO techniques conclusion

Going beyond keyword rankings is essential for all businesses. If your business has not been able to upgrade or take advantage of other SEO opportunities, now is the time to get started. Maximize your efforts to find real growth and profit. Adapt and execute SEO efforts to position your brand, service or product as a solution to its potential customers.

Experience top notch results when mixing these techniques with other digital marketing strategies such as conversion rate, paid ads, sales funnels and more.

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