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Announcing Our Inaugural StartupNation Story Competition Winners!

StartupNation would like to thank each and every one of you who shared your journeys for our inaugural StartupNation Story competition. While we initially planned to select just one finalist, the response from our community was so overwhelming, we couldn’t narrow our selection down to just one individual.

Introducing the five winners of our first ever StartupNation Story competition!


Entrepreneur: Robert Capelluto

Startup: Dubseed

About: Dubseed is a marketplace devoted to the new Stem file, an interactive audio format that allows its users to interact with the individual instruments and layers within a song. This opens doors to interesting ways for DJs, producers and music enthusiasts to mix and explore their music like never before.


Entrepreneurs: Samantha Johnson and Megan Lusher

Startup: Covelle

About: Covelle is an online connection + collaboration platform for female entrepreneurs in creative industries. We serve creative women through a searchable member directory, collaboration listings, one-on-one coffee and Skype date scheduling, and virtual, small-group networking events. Our goal is to offer women a diverse range of opportunities to build genuine, meaningful relationships with other female entrepreneurs.

ArT18 Wine

Entrepreneurs: Ryan Frederickson and Stephen Pedone

Startup: ArT18 Wine Preservation

About: ArT18 Wine Preservation saves open bottles of wine using argon, a noble gas. Launched in December 2016, ArT18 is an easy to use aerosol canister that increases the lifespan of a bottle of wine for up to 14 days, contains up to 130 uses, all for under $10 per canister. Beyond wine, the company will use a background in atmospheric gases to develop eco-friendly, self recycling methods to reduce food waste.

Loud Rumor

Entrepreneur: Mike Acre

Startup: Loud Rumor

About: At Loud Rumor, we help fitness studios and independent gyms grow and get more members. We do this with massive lead generation supported by sales training.

The Story Sketcher

Entrepreneur: Paige Murrell

Startup: The Story Sketcher

About: Any successful enterprise builds on a great message, and a great presentation. At The Story Sketcher, we combine content with creativity to help you with both. With our customized sketch and animation videos, you can turn your boring, complicated message into a brilliant, simple story.

As winners of our StartupNation Story competition, the above entrepreneurs will receive:

  • A guest appearance on StartupNation Radio to promote his or her business
  • Featured blog post on, shared on StartupNation social networks
  • BONUS: Exclusive 1 hour business consultation session with entrepreneurs Jeff and Rich Sloan

Stay tuned for more from our winners, and thank you again to all who entered. We are continually inspired by your stories!

– The StartupNation Team

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