Don’t Forget Dads When Developing a Marketing Strategy

When examining the purchasing behaviors, habits and beliefs of different demographic groups, many startups fail to consider dads. This is a mistake, as today’s dads have many household responsibilities, including choosing products for children. Modern fathers don’t believe that advertising correctly portrays their role in the family. Unlike previous generations, today’s dads are much more involved in their children’s lives, they’re tech-savvy, and they think that being a father is an important part of their identities.

So, how can entrepreneurs create messaging that reaches this often-misunderstood demographic? To create its new infographic, 5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know About Marketing to Dads, MDG Advertising analyzed a host of recent surveys and research reports to find out how dads really feel about advertisers, household purchases and more. They discovered that there’s a clear disconnect between brands and dads, with 74 percent of young fathers believing that companies are out of touch with modern family dynamics.

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The fact is, today’s dads take their roles very seriously—whether it’s attending school meetings or choosing products to use in the home. And many dads switch brands after becoming a parent, especially in the food and household product verticals.

And where do dads locate information about products and services? On their smartphones, where videos, social media posts and other platforms provide important parenting information while they’re on the go. Time-strapped dads value well-researched, easily accessible information that’s mobile-friendly.

New businesses have a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing to today’s busy dads.

Instead of having to revamp existing strategies, startups can immediately implement thoughtful, engaging messaging that respects dads’ time—and their role in the family. View MDG’s full infographic below to find out more about marketing to the modern dad.

marketing to dads

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