How to Calm Your Interview Nerves-Part 2

On Tuesday, I shared some tips for calming your nerves right before a media interview. When it’s time for your big moment, here’s what you can do to stay calm:


As you start to respond to interview questions, try to act natural and provide honest answers. Focus on the moment without thinking about how you sound or your nerves. (You may want to have a glass of water nearby in case you start coughing or get choked up.)

And when answering a question, it always helps to take a moment prior to giving a response to think about what you are going to say. 

At this point, you will automatically comment on the talking points you have reviewed, or you’ll forget everything!

If you start to forget what you wanted to say, you can always look at your talking points (if it’s radio). But if you can’t look at a “cheat sheet,” simply think of how you can benefit the audience.

What tips, advice and information can you offer that will be unique and interesting to the audience?

When it comes right down to it, the audience wants to hear your opinion and you can guide the conversation in the direction you want. Just try to do your best. After all, that’s all you can do!

Phew! It’s Over!

Before you know it, your interview will be over. And if you’ve prepared, it will probably go much smoother and faster than you thought possible.

And even if you didn’t do well, don’t worry. You can learn from your mistakes and do a better job next time (this is why it’s important for novice interviewees to start with smaller media venues first).

Plus, if your interview nerves never go away completely, that’s a good thing. It will keep you energized and you’ll project enthusiasm for the topic at hand!

I wish you all the best with your interviews! And if you have questions, on this topic or other PR areas, feel free to write to me below. Thanks!

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