Attention web entrepreneurs: Are you a Googleholic?

This morning I woke up and wondered something that had never occurred to me before. Am I a Googleholic? I mean, what are the signs? Just the fact that I’m wondering about it must be bad, right? Anything with –holic attached to end of it is not something to be aspired to, it’s to be avoided. I didn’t get depressed when Google’s stock took a tumble yesterday. That’s good, right?

I even started doing more on Yahoo! (note the above stock link) just to prove to myself that I’m not really addicted to Google. I can go a whole day without a Google fix. I’m sure of it.

Well, it was about 8:30am when someone mentioned Glendale, Arizona in our office and we were all wondering where that is in relation to Scottsdale. I scrambled to my desk and launched Google Earth to find out and then triumphantly announced to the team that Glendale is north & west of Scottsdale. I didn’t even think to go to Yahoo! Earth to find the answer. (Is there even a Yahoo! Earth? I think I’ll do a Google , er Yahoo! search to find out.)

I’m especially concerned about web entrepreneurs. If your business model is an internet based or e-Commerce company you may be particularly susceptible.

I don’t know, maybe I should just give it up. I mean, it’s just so easy to say, “Did you Google him?” to my friend Dave who is meeting with someone for the first time. If I said “Did you Yahoo! him?” it just wouldn’t have the same clarity.

Google has won the brand war in my mind for search engines. And yet, I love an underdog. I’m rooting for you Yahoo!. There’s definitely a war being raged right on my own desktop! I have both Google and Yahoo! toolbars installed on my Microsoft browser. They sit right on top of one another and vie for my attention each time I go to do a search or check email or look at favorite websites. Microsoft is also a part of this battle – I’m using MSN Messenger for instant messaging.

Hey, maybe not a Googleholic after all! Thanks for letting me get this out. Who needs therapy? I have a perfectly healthy relationship with my computer tools.

(Yikes, that didn’t sound too good.)

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