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myQme Founder Discusses Success of Free, Social Media Platform with Rewards

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Marketing and PR Tips from a Successful Entrepreneur – An Interview with Bentley Charlemagne of

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know about all of the various, marketing and PR opportunities available. And a big part of this is social media.

But there are so many social-media venues out there, it can be overwhelming. Well, as a result of this issue, I discovered Bentley Charlemagne and his new, business idea.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur who developed a one-stop, social media platform where users get rewarded for being social called myQme, (On a side note, I was so impressed with his idea that I became one of his team members!)

Bentley Charlemagne of
Bentley Charlemagne of

I recently talked to Bentley and asked him to provide his tips to the StartupNation audience. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about myQme and why it is unique.

The social solution platform was born out of pure necessity to solve the marketing needs of business owners who are looking for an easier way to manage marketing communications… cost-effectively.

myQme provides a free and simple, one-step hub with relevant content that engages customers. But it also offers an integrated platform with tools that reward social members for taking action (by sharing, viewing, creating, and supporting).

Businesses can easily access powerful marketing and a distribution interface that zones down to all local communities by city, state or zip code. All of this can be done from myQme to help you manage your entire social-marketing needs with full tracking and reporting from a single hub.

In addition, we are providing technology and creative development, content strategy, SEO copywriting, and full marketing services to small businesses, athletes, celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies.

What tools are you using to market and promote myQme and why?

Qme uses many of the proprietary, marketing tools is has developed, like our in-social blog delivery and press release manager, ad campaign management interface, and the Qme Qmunity tools which target local areas by zip codes.

Another key marketing tool is our contest campaign interface. This is uniquely designed to connect independent professionals with a massive, social-media audience and create viral content for brands.

We are also drawing on our team of experts with 20+ years of experience each and over a billion dollars in resources in the marketing agency space.

What has been the biggest challenge in taking your business from idea to reality and how did you overcome that challenge?

Our biggest challenge was to create a solution that would deliver value in a space that has not yet recognized average, social users as partners. The space mostly monetizing the users in the social media space is currently bombarding them with poor, none relevant content.

Our approach is to give social media users control to decide what is important and relevant to them. Social users are becoming more aware of how they spend their time. They want to know what is in it for them so in addition to our reward system, we also created useful turnkey solutions and simple plug-ins.

These can really assist communities, local municipalities, churches, schools, non-profits, and other social causes and help them deliver valuable information to a targeted audience of social users. This approach was the key ingredient that helped us overcome our challenges. We created a win for all participants.

What advice do you have for other, new entrepreneurs just starting out?

Once you know you can fill a specific need for an audience, find the right people to be part of your team. Starting a new business has many challenges so it’s important to work with passionate and intelligent people who can work independently in their areas of expertise and solve problems. Then, all of your team members need to be able to come together, share ideas and do what it takes to make your business a success.

Visit for a free social-media platform with rewards.
Visit for a free social-media platform with rewards.

Also, your target market wants to get to know you and find out who they are doing business with. Tell them in simple terms how you are going to help them solve their problems. Then, keep your promises and try to over-deliver whenever possible.
Thanks for your great insights Bentley, and we wish you all the best with myQme!

If you’d like to find out more about myQme and start your free profile, visit

And if you have questions about promoting your new business, please write to me below or at

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