People thinking about starting a business are smarter than they think

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I am simply amazed at what happens when people have real & productive conversations. It turns out that everybody has something to offer. It’s remarkable.

This is not a new revelation. It’s standard knowledge among small business people that getting out and networking is an extraordinary way to grow customers – good ones. By good ones, I mean those that are the perfect fit for what you have to offer.

What is new is the opportunity to be able to begin these conversations without ever leaving your home or office. There is a terrific example of this going on right now in the StartupNation community forum. A gentleman from Rocky River, Ohio (Cleveland, west side – my hometown, although I’m an east-sider) started a forum topic by asking a question about he can reach small businesses as customers for his biz. He is getting some good advice from other small business owners who have walked the path before him, and that is way cool.

But something else is happening that is fascinating. In the course of James asking intelligent questions and letting people know what his business does, he’s now being asked for advice on his area of expertise.

I shouldn’t be totally surprised by this. Another StartupNation community member told me that he landed a big client because prior to a sales call the, then prospective, client had googled him and found how active he was in the StartupNation community forums. The customer was so impressed with this that he gave this gentleman his business.

So, what’s the take-away I’m suggesting from this? Start talking, and then keep talking. You’ve got great and valuable stuff to share.

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