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Managed Hosting
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Managed Hosting: Growth Prospects by 2020

Managed Hosting: Outsourcing Your Data Center According to the market, growth of colocation and the managed hosting are on the rise as they are the chief data center outsourcing areas of this present IT world. Although, the technology world has seen a sharp inclination to the managed or semi-managed cloud hosting still, colocation and other...
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Failure Turns Floundering into Thriving

Four Ways to Turn a Floundering Business into a Thriving Business Most businesses launch as a result of need in a certain marketplace, in response to demand for a specific product, or with an innovation or more efficient service offering. A business may thrive for many years fulfilling the needs of their specific market and...
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Growing Your Small Business: Six Expert Tips

Businesses of all sizes are constantly looking for ways to expand both their offerings and their reach. For small businesses in particular, growing must often be accomplished on a shoestring budget. Here are six tips from the experts on smart ways to grow your small business. 1. Believe in yourself The power of belief, especially...
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Planning For Growth: Setting Business Goals

Any experienced business owner will tell you that planning for growth and setting business goals is an essential part of successful business growth. Whether you’re just thinking of starting a business or you’ve got an established and profitable startup enterprise, business goals are key to progression at every stage of business development. Staying on track...
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How the federal stimulus plan could affect your small business

  Bill Rys, Tax Counsel of the National Federation of Independent Business, will be my guest this week on our Tips for Entrepreneurs podcast. We'll be discussing the impact of the federal stimulus plan on you and your small business. So, if you're one of America's 26.8 million small businesses or want to be among...
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Why Are You in Business?

A long vacation provides a much-needed break, but still affords opportunities to get interesting perspectives on how entrepreneurs view their businesses. We just spent a week with extended family on a beautiful island off the coast of British Columbia. A couple of lessons popped up, despite my desire to just take a break. First: the couple...
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Start & Grow Your Small Business Step By Step

Entrepreneurs absolutely have to be scoreboard watchers. By that I mean you must know the statistics (the score) that are critical to your business. We are maniacs about that here at StartupNation. One of the data points that we pay close attention to is our website analytics. We monitor and chart and graph the number...
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Change of Scenery

I spent last week in Boston, Annapolis, and Washington, DC. While I dreaded spending an entire week out of the office -- and not on vacation -- it turns out it was time very well spent. Among other activities, I went to OnDemand, a major industry trade show. It was fascinating, and I met many...
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People thinking about starting a business are smarter than they think

I am simply amazed at what happens when people have real & productive conversations. It turns out that everybody has something to offer. It's remarkable. This is not a new revelation. It's standard knowledge among small business people that getting out and networking is an extraordinary way to grow customers – good ones. By good...
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A small business startup needs that work life balance

When we launched the entrepreneur forum in the StartupNation community pages on our website we did a whole lot of planning & strategizing in advance. After a month of the beta version of our community going public, there is a great deal that we have learned. Much of what we anticipated is happening just as...
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How Does Your Garden Grow: Planting Seeds To Grow Your Business

Since I set up shop in my home office, I've noticed that I am adversely affected by the long Michigan winter. Maybe it's because my life plan involves stopping to smell the roses and when there are no roses, I miss them. This year, I'm fighting back before the snow begins to fall. I just...