Got Press? 5 Ways to Create News

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As a new business owner, it’s easy to rush through publicity efforts in order to concentrate or core business activities and priorities. But before you contact the media or post a press release, ask yourself if the information you’re about to send is really newsworthy.

Will a reporter really care about what you have to say?

If you can’t answer this question accordingly, you need to conduct additional research, rework your story angle or rewrite your announcement. Focus on a specific benefit, current industry trend or unique idea.

Once you rewrite your announcement, have a regular customer, or someone in your target market, read it. At the very least, have co-workers, friends or family members review the information. Do they think it’s boring?

This work takes extra time and effort, but it can mean the difference between front-page news and the trash bin.

And if you are having trouble finding newsworthy items to share with the press, here are some tips to help.

Five Ideas for Creating Your Own News:

1. Take part in a community event, or create your own.

Give something back and encourage others to do the same. You’ll help others in need while creating a newsworthy event.

2. Create a brief report or “Top 10 List.”

Relate this document to a big trend in your industry that will help others solve a problem. Provide your expertise without asking for anything in return.

 3. Submit an opinion piece.

Write to your local newspaper, and provide your opinion about a published story or current news item. This can help build credibility and awareness for your business when written in a postive manner.

4. Give a presentation.

Speak at a local community college, business group or other organization where your target audience attends.

Provide valuable information without giving a sales pitch, and invite pertinent reporters. You’ll establish yourself as an expert and meet potential new customers while increasing your chances of obtaining media coverage.

5. Find success stories and promote them.

Talk to your customers, and ask them how your products and services have helped them save time and money, increase productivity, meet deadlines, etc.

Media members like unique, “before-and-after” stories, and you can always use these case studies to build credibility and market new customers.

Got News?

Now, please note that some announcements are just that – announcements about winning awards, events, fresh partnerships, new hires, etc. These may not be the most exciting news-items, but they are still important to share with the press. These announcements will help project a fresh, current and credible image for your business.

But before you share this information, be sure to create a list of appropriate press members, event-listing media venues and customers. Not everyone will be interested in this kind of news. And you want to send it to the right people so you don’t waste your time.

These are just a few, key ideas to consider when announcing your news. Hopefully these tips will help you provide valuable information to the press and build positive, company awareness.

And if you need more help with your SEO copywriting and PR to boost sales, awareness and credibility, please let me know here or at


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