7 Great Tips for Marketing Your Business Using a Facebook Fan Page

Mashable.com recently announced that Facebook results will be integrated into real time search results on Google.  This means that having a Facebook Fan page can become a huge opportunity for business owners to increase their visibility and get found by new customers.  But if you don’t have a Facebook Fan page for your business, you will miss out! 

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 7 tips on how to market your business using your Facebook fan page.  If you don’t know how to get your own Facebook Fan page, however, read this article first:  How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business. 

 1. Give people an incentive to become a fan on Facebook.

 Offer a special Facebook only reward to new fans.  This could be a gift certificate, discount, or a special freebie offer on your web page.   Note:  An e-book, report, article, video, or podcast make great free offers!  You don’t need to incur a large expense to give something away.    I’m putting together a 3 or 4 page report on “How to Tap into the Power of Facebook to Market Your Business.”

 2. Instead of using a business card, give out an invitation card to your Facebook Business fan page. 

Make sure the invite card showcases your incentive.  These cards can be done inexpensively.  My graphic designer charges $150 for the design of a two sided-4 color card.  They can be printed for less than $50 at UPrinting.com. 

3. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Post pictures weekly. 

You can post before and after shots, photos of the “best” of what you do, photos of happy fans, photos of your work, photos of your store, your products, you at work, your staff, your events.  You get the picture.  Pictures engage your fans.    

 4. Add video.

Take the photo idea one step further.  Make the video less than 3 minutes and jam-packed full of valuable info.  You can post a “How to” video, or even just a moment in your day.   Don’t worry about what you look like, or having the video professionally done;  just make it interesting!

5. Have exclusive or “sneak preview” content.  

Let people know that they will “see it on Facebook first.”  I’ve got a new book coming out:  Buzz:  How to Tap into the Power of Social Media, Publicity, and Relationship Marketing to Get Customers.  I’m going to put out a chapter as a sneak preview of what’s to come. 

6. Use Facebook Ads to get the word out.

You can use a Facebook ad to promote your “Become a fan on Facebook” incentive.  The cool things about Facebook ads are that they can be targeted to exactly the type of people that you want to reach and the ads are very inexpensive.   You can set a budget of just $2.00 a day.  I’ve used Facebook ads and have increased my fan page membership by 50% using my free e-book as an incentive. 

7.  Build a custom Facebook landing page welcoming your Facebook Fans. 

This can really solidify your Facebook Fanpage.  You could showcase your Facebook Fans reward, or even have a special welcome message.  Here are some excellent examples of Facebook fan pages for business.

 So how do you get build a custom Facebook landing page for your business?  Find a programmer who knows FBML, which is the programming code for Facebook.  You can find them and receive free quotes from qualified vendors right here on StartupNation.  You can also find them on our classified ad board.   

Do you have a Facebook Fan page?  Post it here along with the link!    We appreciate your comments! 


PS.  Don’t forget to become a fan of 23 Kazoos on Facebook!! 



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