7 Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog

Do you want your blog to work harder for your business?

If you are looking to increase readership of your business blog, you need to create content that is compelling to your target audience. To that end, try the following seven business blogging tips:

Add Amazing Value
What are your prospective customers’ biggest problems, challenges and frustrations? Help them solve these through your blog posts, and you will endear yourself to your audience.

Create a List
Just as this blog entry does, structure a blog entry as a list (e.g., “7 Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog,” “Top Ten Tax Saving Tips,” “25 Best Online Resources for Business”). For whatever reason, people enjoy reading lists. It creates order and delivers a sense of completeness to the reader.

Identify Trends
Identify market, product and customer trends. Then provide relevant analysis that demonstrates your expertise.

Interview an Expert
Share an interview of someone with expertise that adds value to your readership.

Deliver Humor
This can be tricky, but delivering non-offensive humor can help to differentiate your blog. After all, we are all people in the end, and everyone could use a good laugh.

Include Keywords
What is your target audience searching for online? Include relevant keywords in your blog posts so that you will increase your opportunities for being found on the search engines.

Do Something
Instead of strictly writing about what you know, go out and do something significant and then write about the experience. This will give you the opportunity to publish very unique blog entries. For example, if you are a tax accountant, head to your local café and start quizzing people on the best ways to increase their tax refunds, or if you are a fashion stylist, create a new type of bag, carry it around and document people’s reactions.

These are a few tips to help you take your business blog to the next level. If you need additional help, let me know below or at www.WebsiteMarketingNOW.com. Thanks!

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