Creating a mission statement

If you are in the process of launching or revamping your business and you have a solid business plan in place, there is just one more element of organizational planning you need to consider. It’s very important to create or improve upon a mission statement for your company that your team members can agree to and get behind.

Writing a mission statement for your business can be one of the most important things you can do, especially if there is more than one person working for your company. Often, you will have rather different ideas among partners as to the direction and strategy of your company. By working collaboratively to create your mission statement together, you will not only minimize headaches and arguments down the road, but will also be fully aligned on your goals and be able to work together efficiently.

At iContact, our mission statement encapsulates the overarching goal we are attempting to accomplish:

iContact’s mission is to be the worldwide leading provider of on-demand software that makes online communication easy.

We also have a longer statement that we call the “iContact Manifesto” that resides on our web site and provides a complete explanation about why we are in the business and what we are trying to accomplish.

Here are three steps to creating a mission statement for your company:

Step One: Identify your target customer

Step Two: State what you’ll provide to customers

Step Three: States what differentiates your company from others in your industry

Once you have created a mission statement that everyone in your company can agree upon, it should become a mainstay of your email newsletters. If you have just launched your company, include your new mission statement in your first email message to your customers and explain to them about your company. If you have set up an Autoresponder system so that new customers automatically receive a welcome message from you, make sure you include your mission statement in that message.

Even after you become an established and recognized company in your industry, you should make it a best practice to always include some form of your mission statement in your email newsletters. This way, your current and potential customers will always know what your business stands for and what you are trying to accomplish.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll be back soon to share more tips and advice about email marketing.


Ryan Allis

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