Steve Roderick, and Steady Leads to Success

Do you want to expand your business but spend too much time dealing with invoices, credit-card processing and merchant-account issues?

Well, for most of us, we just want to send out a simple invoice, track our activity and get paid as quickly as possible.

But all of this financial activity can be confusing and time-consuming. And with so many fraudulent companies out there, you can’t be too careful with your money.

Well, I may have found a solution for you.

After spending many years in the credit-card processing industry, Steve Roderick decided to venture out on his own and offer a one-stop resource for small business marketing, online invoicing and electronic billing called®,

And not only do you get to speak to a real human being in their Bozeman, Montana offices if you need help, but all of their services are paperless! Think of all the trees you can save!

I recently caught up with Steve to find out the secret to his success, and here’s what he had to say:

When did you start gotoBilling and why?

We (my wife Stacy and friend Jed) started gotoBilling (GTB) in 2006 in my basement. However, we had developed the fundamental elements of GTB the prior five years and used the separate pieces to fulfill customer needs.

In 2006, we pulled the pieces together to create one complete product. Since 2006, we have added numerous features and enhancements and moved completely to a SaaS business model.

Why is your business unique?

Why is personalized, customer service important to your business? GTB, as an application, touches two large industries; software and payments. Both industries are notoriously bad at customer service.

We felt that in order to be successful, we must add a human element to service and support and that we must deliver answers and solutions quickly and accurately.

The software support keeps a business running and efficient. Payment support involves questions and concerns about money movement. We take both very seriously. We have designed our support based on how we would want to be treated if we were the customer.

How do you exceed customer expectations?

A customer comes to us most often to solve a payment-related issue. However, once they begin using GTB they discover a host of things they can do to improve their business that they didn’t expect or weren’t looking for initially.

When a consumer first engages new software or a new product, they have anxiety over learning and using the service or product.

Our customers are thrilled to find out that we are accessible, knowledgeable and friendly. The simply don’t expect this from a software or payment company.


Now, check back on Thursday for the rest of this interview. Steve will reveal how he overcame financial hurdles to have a thriving business in today’s tough economy.

In the meantime, feel free to contact Steve directly at Or you can send your SEO copywriting and PR questions to me below or at Thanks!

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