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customer communication strategy
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5 Tips for Creating a Customer Communication Strategy During a Crisis

With companies worldwide striving to return to "business as usual," experts claim that marketing will be an essential part of recovery. But, as we know, the crisis has and continues to affect some industries far more than others. Businesses deemed “essential” are struggling to meet demand, while 65 percent of retailers have noticed a decrease in...
data driven growth
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4 Ways to Optimize Your Startup for Reliable, Data-Driven Growth

Optimizing the growth of your startup is crucial for both immediate profitability and long-term success. While tapping into the “secret formula” for lasting growth may seem like a challenge, today’s founders actually have more resources available than ever before to help drive growth.  You can achieve reliable growth by tapping into the data that is...
content marketing
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The Future of Content Marketing: 3 Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

As we look forward into 2018 and beyond, there are a number of technology trends that will shape the future of content marketing. New platforms, systems and tools are shaping the way that marketers and brands reach their audience. The prospect of a shifting landscape can be scary, but with the right understanding of coming...
email marketing
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Want to Rise Above the Clutter? Best Practices for Email Marketing

We’ve all been there … sifting through irrelevant spam, ads or coupons we don’t need in our inbox. As marketers, how do we ensure that the messages we’re sending are valuable, relevant and not marked as spam? For entrepreneurs, developing an email marketing campaign takes up valuable time and affects their reputation with customers who...
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How to Create a Killer Seasonal Instagram Ad

Creating a seasonal Instagram ad can boost your revenue and online traffic during the peak shopping season. The holidays are brimming with consumers looking for services and gifts to provide for themselves and their loved ones. However, if you’re not sure how to make a killer Instagram ad (or you’re looking for some help to...
content marketing
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Grow Your Business by Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media

Rarely does any marketing strategy or tactic live on its own. This is especially true in the online world, where a buyer’s journey often touches many different paths. SEO drives people to your site, email brings them back and social media keeps them engaged for years to come. The point is that most successful marketing...
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Roles, Goals and Worries: A Simple Framework for Understanding Your Audience

One of the key elements of an effective content marketing strategy is defining your audience. We often hear about developing personas for our key audiences. One simple framework you can use to develop your personas and create insightful, actionable profiles of your audience is RGW, or roles, goals and worries. I previously touched on this approach...
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Use Personalization to Build Brand Loyalty: Here’s How

The average person is exposed to a vast number of marketing messages in a single day. While experts can’t agree on how many pieces of advertising material an individual processes on a daily basis (whether hundreds or thousands), one thing is certain: it’s a lot. Another certainty is that consumers don’t like irrelevant marketing material; it...
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The Secret to Great Marketing? Segmentation

Segmentation: What it means to your business As the price of marketing continues to trend upward, it's important for entrepreneurs and small businesses to maximize their impact and strategically target desired clients with messaging tailored specifically for that group. It's now harder than ever to get the response rate that promises to return the kind...
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Targeting a portion of your audience with segmentation

Last time I talked about personalizing your messages. Using your email program's mail-merge features can help you establish a personal identity with your customers. You can make your messages even more personal by segmenting your contact lists. As marketers, we need to make sure that the content of your message targets the most relevant audience....