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How to Create a Culture of Integrity with a Remote Team

Today, nearly 50 percent of the American workforce does their job from outside the office. It’s a trend that’s mostly positive: those who work remotely report higher job satisfaction, less stress and better work-life balance. According to numerous studies, they’re also more productive. However, there’s one element of business that remote work makes more difficult,...
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Why Entrepreneurs Should Create Core Company Values from the Start

Company values are more than just meaningless words on your company website or in your handbook. Company values are your organization’s ingrained beliefs and principles. They are one of the basic building blocks of your startup’s DNA, intertwined with your company mission and vision, that not only provides a blueprint for company strategies and decisions,...
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Building a Sustainable Brand: Why Going Green is Good for Business

Today, consumers care more about where their products come from than ever before. With many brands reaping the rewards of a more socially and environmentally friendly approach, it’s time for startups to follow suit in building sustainable brands. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here The market for ethical...
vitamin b for business
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Vitamin B (for Business): The Difference Between Having a Job and Having a Business

The following excerpt is from “Vitamin B (For Business),” written by Petra Coach founder and CEO, Andy Bailey. For more information, visit The B vitamin is essential for the health of your brain, nervous system and, really, the entire body. Similarly, “Vitamin B (For Business)” is vital for company leaders – improving the health...
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How to Start the Recruiting Process for Successful Hires

You’re ready to begin the hiring process and add team members to your startup. Congratulations! But where do you start? The answer to that question is critically important. Hiring the wrong team is a top reason startups fail (only lack of market need and running out of cash outrank it). The following tips can help...
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How to Choose the Right Business Partner for Your Startup

Successfully taking a seed of an idea, turning it into a product or service, and forming a full-fledged company is based on a series of critical decisions. Who you choose to go on that ride with from the very beginning is not only a crucial decision for the business you’re hoping to build, but for...
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How to Develop Big Brand Impact on a Small Budget

Today’s marketing landscape looks an awful lot like a war zone. Consumers are barraged every moment of their waking hours with brands logos, taglines and jingles, all amidst the struggle to stand out. Companies masquerade their advertisements as social media posts, articles or infomercials. This brand bombardment has consumers hiding, driven to pay for premium...
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How to Build a Brand and Tell Your Startup’s Story

The market today is saturated with brands. So, how do you create a one that stands out from the crowd? Building a solid foundation and crafting a compelling story for your brand will not only help you make an authentic, genuine connection at every stage of the buyer’s journey, but it will also gain trust...
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Culture Predictions: How to Build an Award-Winning Startup Culture

While every organization works hard toward meeting its business objectives, this year we will see workplaces taking a greater interest in promoting work-life integration along with emphasizing employees’ pursuit of goals outside of the office. Rather than putting stress on employees and rewarding those who put work before everything else, employers will look to adopt...
Ken Segall
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Former Apple Consultant Ken Segall on the Power of Simplicity [Book Excerpt]

Is there anyone in business who doesn’t recognize the power of simplicity? It’s an inescapable fact of life that human beings are attracted to simplicity and turned off by complexity. When I started my life in advertising, my mentors drilled into me the power of simpler, focused messages. I thought I’d absorbed that lesson well,...