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Black woman sharing presentation with coworkers.
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How to Empower Employees to Be Decision Makers

The road to business success is paved not just with smart processes and great equipment but with empowered employees. When you give workers the autonomy to make decisions without asking permission first, you do them...
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How to Incentivize Your Lean Startup Team

Incentivize Startup Employees and Build a Dream Team Entrepreneurs create startups for a reason: They don’t want to be stuck in a cubicle performing the same mundane tasks every day like cogs in a bigger...
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Bad Bosses: What Do Employees Say About You

Are you listening to what your employees are saying about you? Being aware of what your employees think of you and the force you have on their behaviour is a powerful form of insight. As...
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Expressing Gratitude

Thanking people works wonders for business because it expresses one of our most basic emotions: gratitude. When someone does something nice for you, they expect gratitude — and think less of you for withholding it....
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How Do You Know?

In response to my post on Delusional People Nikole asked: "I now have employees, who are representatives of my name, working for me. And how do I know they are going to do the best...
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I've recently had to deal with some delusional employees. In all three cases, they thought that they were top performers, worth double or more their current compensation. This, even though two of the three had...