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Amazon Prime shipping
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6 Ways E-Commerce Startups Can Compete with Amazon Shipping (and Win)

Although it may seem like ages ago, many of us remember what an ordeal it was to order products online that were unavailable in our local stores. Back then, free shipping wasn’t available, and two-day shipping was exorbitantly expensive and reserved for nearly-forgotten birthday presents for the notoriously hard-to-please grandma. And if we needed pedestrian...
seasonal financing
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How Seasonal Financing Can Benefit Your Business

It’s that time of year again: many entrepreneurs and small business owners are taking advantage of eager consumers’ year-end purchases and boosting sales opportunities. When it comes time to boost your own holiday sales, you may need extra help in the seasonal financing department. Luckily, lenders are willing and waiting to provide the funding you...
black friday
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How to Get Enough Inventory to Make Black Friday Wildly Successful

Before long, the air will be cooler, evergreen and twinkling lights will deck homes and storefronts, and holiday music will begin to play, albeit earlier than seems necessary. Though the holiday season begins as soon as jack-o'-lanterns end their month-long reign, when it comes to planning and sales, most startups and small businesses focus on...
amazon business
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How to Start a Multimillion-Dollar Amazon Business With Less Than $2,000

What if there were a reliable way to start a business that could significantly improve your life without sacrificing blood, sweat and years? Thanks to Amazon, there is. Unlike most entrepreneurial ventures, you can start an Amazon business by spending just one hour a day on it and less than $2,000. You can create a...
small business financing
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Minimum Sales Requirements: The Truth About Small Business Financing

Every successful business had to begin somewhere. Apple started in Steve Jobs’ garage, after all. While you’re probably not aiming toward worldwide corporate domination, you know your business plan has solid potential... as long as you can get funding. Too often, traditional lenders seem willing to hand over cash only to businesses that are already...
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What is Dropshipping and How Do I Make it Into a Business?

Have you heard of dropshipping? Are you curious about how it works or how to start a dropshipping business? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dropshipping has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to make money either as their main income, or even as a side hustle to a regular job. Here, we’ll cover...
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Reviewing and Strategizing Your Startup’s Quarterly Budget

The first quarter of 2018 is almost over, which means it’s time to start reviewing your budget. Reviewing your budget on a quarterly, or even monthly, basis helps you understand where your startup needs improvements, where to scale back and where to invest. It also helps you better budget at the end of the year,...
point of sale
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How New Generation Point of Sale Systems Can Help Retain Customers

If your startup plans include a brick and mortar store, no doubt the selection of a point of sale (POS) system is on the list of purchases before you open your doors. Today’s entrepreneur, however, has more to consider outside of the traditional in-store POS system. Recent technology allows point of sale systems to not...
cash flow
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Manage Cash Flow with These Essential Money Saving Tips

Cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses. When starting out, you need enough cash to sustain operations until you secure your first sales. Once you’ve made your first sale, you need enough cash to buy inventory and supplies in order to produce your product or service. As your business grows, you need even more...
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Demystifying Small Business Debt to Unlock Growth

It often seems as though people treat debt like they do the plague: a nasty state of negative balances that should be avoided at all costs. But debt is less of an enemy and more of an unsuspecting ally that may just be the thing you need to really get your business growing. How exactly...
upc barcodes
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The Benefits of UPC Barcodes for Your Small Business

UPC barcodes are often the most forgotten component of any product a retailer sells. But don’t be fooled, these seemingly insignificant numbers and zebra-like designs pack a powerful punch, one that small businesses can easily reap the benefits from. We see them all the time. They are practically on every item we purchase, and yet,...
Legal duties
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4 Legal Duties for Your Startup to Complete Before January

The new year is always a busy time, but it is especially busy if you own a startup or small business. When January rolls around, what are some necessary housekeeping tasks and legal duties that you need to take care of? Review your finances and plan your budget Make a diligent effort to collect on all...
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How to Run a Small Business: Inventory Management

“I’m booking solid revenues, but I need some tips on how to handle inventory management.” You’ve already got a head start on a lot of people wondering how to run a small business if your revenues are “solid.” Congrats! For many entrepreneurs, inventory management takes a back seat to things like generating revenue, personnel issues,...