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Customer Lifetime Value
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How to Calculate and Use Your Customer Lifetime Value to Increase Sales

The headlines continue getting worse and worse for the retail sector, as the rate of retail closures now more than doubles that of new store openings in the U.S. Despite these and other concerns, though, reports that we’re in the midst of a so-called “retailpocalypse” are a bit exaggerated. According to the National Retail Federation,...
subscription service
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4 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Offer a Subscription Service

Building and running a successful business is tough. You’ve got to have a solid strategy, an amazing offering and a strong team to help you hit the market hard. And while advancements in tech and marketing tools have been made, they’ve also created a more competitive landscape in almost every industry. The same advancements have...
performance metrics
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6 Performance Metrics Your Startup Should Track for Success

Revenue is an exciting and vital performance metric to track when starting a new business, but it’s not the only one an entrepreneur should be concerned with. While there are myriad metrics that experts across the board will argue will justify your fantastic idea to potential investors, here are six time-tested metrics you should pay...
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7 Ways to Generate Fresh Leads for Your E-Commerce Company

We'll assume you've already read up on the basics of running an online store. In this article, we’ll cover strategies you can implement within your e-commerce store that are proven to increase revenue. These tips are applicable whether you’re just starting up an e-commerce store, or if you have a pre-existing brand.  With that in...
subscription box
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Take These Essential Steps to Get Your First Subscription Box Sale

Subscription box businesses have become increasingly popular, following the massive success of some amazing brands like BarkBox, Butcher Box and about a thousand other problem solving companies that have made their mark while changing our consumer buying habits. With the popularity of subscription boxes still on the rise, there is plenty of opportunity for interested entrepreneurs...
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How Much Budget Should You Allocate to Marketing Your Business?

Knowing how much to spend on marketing can be difficult, especially if you’re a startup with no historical data on which to base your decision. With so many diverse ways available to reach your audience these days, it’s also challenging to identify the best marketing methods. So where do you start in this process, and...
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5 Money Questions Every Startup Needs to Answer

“Why do some startups fail?” In startup circles, this question is as common as “Why is the sky blue?” Common sense prevailing, one of the main reasons startups fail is that they run out of cash. While no one aims to burn through cash at an alarming rate, a lack of basic financial literacy definitely...
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5 Best Practices for Proving Marketing ROI

The first quarter is coming to a close, so it’s time to begin evaluating your marketing performance to determine what areas have been most successful and which should be budgeted for in the upcoming year. Proving the return on investment (ROI) of a particular marketing initiative can be challenging, especially since, most often, more than...
customer retention
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The Best Customer Retention Strategies for Small Business Owners

Getting new customers and convincing your current customers to stay loyal is a major challenge for many small businesses. Gaining new customers is expensive. It’s almost always better to use time and energy on customer retention strategies instead of fighting a battle to constantly replace them with new customers. Churn rate matters In order to retain...