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This Entrepreneur Shares Key Takeaways from Launching Her Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Brand

As a child, I watched my mother’s generation attempt direct-to-consumer business in a, shall we say, clunky fashion. They held Tupperware parties and loaded up the car with Avon deliveries. Before I knew what direct-to-consumer was, I wasn’t interested. However, technology has changed virtually every aspect of business in this day and age—and revolutionized the...
CRM and marketing automation
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How to Use CRM and Marketing Automation to Improve Your Scalability

Automation has become a business essential. For entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, the question always is, “How can I work smarter, not harder?” That’s where the power of marketing automation and your customer relationship management (CRM) comes into play. With such high demand to cut down on costs while increasing profitability, businesses are turning...
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The Value of Integrating Marketing Automation with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the strongest and most efficient ways to reach your customers. In fact, the average person checks their email about 15 times per day. With an estimated 293.6 billion emails anticipated to be sent worldwide in 2019, it’s safe to assume that your customers are getting their fair share of email...
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The Power of Personalization and Automation in Email Marketing

Email personalization has come a long way. In the early days of email marketing, it was enough to simply send an email in order to get results. Today, the shotgun approach doesn’t work. Research shows that 52 percent of consumers are willing to walk from a brand or product if they don’t get personalized messages....
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Take Your Startup’s Marketing Automation Further with AI

It’s been said that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future, but I’d argue that AI is very much a thing of the here and now. It’s playing an increasingly significant role in marketing efforts, and is taking marketing automation to the next level. And during an era when customers are demanding fast and hyper-personalized service,...
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Here’s Your Roadmap to Success as a Solopreneur

Oftentimes, the stereotype of the solopreneur is like that of the starving artist. You’re eking out a living, existing on ramen and chips. Sounds familiar, right? You’re interested in making an impact now—otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Take advantage of your unique position as a solopreneur, use the right tools, network and leverage your entrepreneurial...
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5 Marketing Efforts You Need to Implement to Remain Competitive

With a never-ending flow of new marketing ideas and innovations, it’s easy to jump on a trend too quickly without taking the right steps for proper execution. Marketing success in the new year is all about thinking differently to make your efforts smarter, faster, more nimble and relevant. With this in mind, consider taking a...
Tax refund
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4 High-Impact Business Investments You Can Make With Your Tax Refund

Very soon, more than 80 percent of the 50 million Americans who filed federal taxes will receive their average tax refund of just over $3,000. Many view this as an opportunity to splurge. If you run a startup, you might want to think about making your business the recipient of your tax time largesse. Consider using...