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How Startups and Entrepreneurs Can Use TikTok to Grow Their Businesses

TikTok has risen to new heights in recent years with its short-form videos: the app is now available in over 150 markets across the globe, in 75 languages and has over 689 million active monthly users. Internet usage has spiked amid the pandemic, and TikTok remained the most downloaded app in Q1 of 2021. As people seek...
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4 Ways Micro-Influencers Get Results for New Brands

In the old days of marketing, everything was so much more simple and direct. Companies bought ads for products and consumers bought those products without much fuss. There wasn't a lot to think about, no price comparison sites or brand values to consider. Today, however, consumers think differently, make decisions differently, and value different factors...
influencer marketing
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What is Influencer Marketing? And Should My Business Try It?

When it comes to reaching today’s consumers, advertising simply doesn’t have the effect that it once did. Consumers are savvy and know they can’t always believe what a brand says about its products. But when they hear about a product from their peers, that’s where the magic happens. That’s the basis of influencer marketing, a popular...
event marketing
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Event Marketing 101: Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace the Power of Live Events

In an age of digital communication and remote work, in-person communication still holds immense value. In one study, 95 percent of participants rated face-to-face meetings as essential for long-term business relationships. Another found that face-to-face requests are 34 times more effective than those made via email. Data like this validates why companies of all sizes...
growth hacking
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5 Growth Hacking Tips for New Startup Founders

There are certain buzzwords in the online world that compel us to listen up. You’ve seen them: words like “massive value” or “explosive ROI.” Even though they might feel like clickbait, you just can’t help but, well... click. There’s another phrase you’ve undoubtedly seen throughout your startup efforts — one equally as likely to make you click:...
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How to Tap Into the Rise of Micro-Influencers

An updated approach to influencer marketing is making its way around the social media scene that benefits smaller influencers, as well as the companies that work with them. It targets users known as micro-influencers, or social media users with lower, but very engaged followings, to promote products and services through carefully curated posts instead of...
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Tips for Constructing Your Digital Marketing Plan in 2018

Building your business from the ground up is both an exciting and stressful process. New businesses are fortunate in having more options than ever to reach a wider audience. But they're simultaneously cursed with greater competition than ever, as more and more businesses hop on the digital marketing bandwagon. Consumers want authentic and trustworthy brands...
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How to Team Up With the Right Micro-Influencer

Social media marketing has taken a turn no one could've anticipated: recognizing the value of a smaller audience. Think about it this way: when you're in a room that contains 100 people, how likely are you to connect with each person meaningfully? Now compare that to a room of just 10 people. Micro-influencer marketing is...