Change Your Message: Creating a UVP to Make Marketing Magic– Part 1

Create a UVP to Make Marketing Magic

“Why should I choose you?” This anxiety-inducing question is the single focus of this blog post series, “Change Your Message.”

Everyone knows that there’s a lot of “noise” out there in the marketplace and, in order to overcome the clamor, you really have to stand out. But changing your message isn’t simply about altering what you portray to the outside world; it’s about pinpointing what it is that makes you different enough and then carrying that message around boldly, wherever you go.

All of the tips and tricks that follow are all about determining and disseminating this key differentiation. To get the change that you want and you need for your company, you must undertake the following steps:

  1.  Understand the points that make you truly unique.
  2.  Put those succinct ideas down on paper.
  3.  Make sure that your message is different enough to get through the noise.
  4.  Be able to communicate your “Unique Value Proposition” (UVP)—loudly and proudly.
  5.  Enable the message to worm its way into conversation.

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