How Much Are You Paying for SEO?

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Ugh! I just had a long conversation with another small business owner who was ripped off by several, search engine optimization (SEO) firms.

I hear this all the time, and it breaks my heart. As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how important it is to get value out of all the services you purchase.

How about you? Have you paid a large amount to be at the top of the search engines only to lose thousands of dollars with zero results?

Well, I know it’s time-consuming to pursue search engine optimization efforts, and it’s easy just to hand it over to a specialist. But before you do, here are…

The Top 10 Things to Ask When Starting Your SEO Activities

1.    Do I really need an optimization program, or are there other ways to reach my business goals?

2.    Am I just looking at this because everyone else is using it, or am I really missing out on an opportunity to bring in new customers?

3.    Do I know what SEO is and what I really need, or should I do some research?

4.    What is this search engine optimization service promising me, and is it too good to be true?

5.    What exactly are they going to do for me?

6.    What kind of monthly reports are they going to show me about our activities?

7.    What kind of results has this SEO service had in the past?

8.    How much am I paying and exactly what am I paying for?

9.    Am I stuck in a contract if I don’t see results?

10.    Do I feel comfortable working with this team?

Take some time before starting SEO efforts.

I know you are busy and just want to outsource your optimization activities to a specialist and be done with the matter. But before you do, think about this. If you don’t choose the right firm and get ripped off, how much is it going to cost you in money, time and effort?

With this in mind, take some time to speak to various, SEO specialists. Have them explain the SEO process and answer your questions. Do your due diligence. This way, you’ll both know what the expectations are and avoid costly surprises. Plus, you’ll feel confident in your SEO activities and be more likely to get the results you are looking for!

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