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Challenges Facing The Market Research Industry [Infographic]

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There are many challenges facing the market research industry. With the rapid developments in technology, the industry must find new ways to innovate itself in order to prosper. The infographic below from Surveygoo outlines some of the biggest challenges that researchers have found in today’s industry. Common issues that market research professionals have cited are in relation to technology, data management and impactful reporting. It also outlines the role market research companies may take moving into the future.

A recent survey asked hundreds of market research professionals the same question:

“What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing market research today?’’

Their responses are outlined in the infographic below and include some common themes including methodology and communication. Like all industries, market research has some changes to make. However, industry insiders believe that the prospects in greater data sources will largely overshadow the challenges in the long run. For all the details, let’s check out the infographic below!

Market Research Industry

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