The Best Five Minutes You’ll Ever Spend on SEO

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What do you know about your site visitors?


If you are regularly monitoring site analytics as part of your marketing efforts, you are way ahead of the game.


However, if you are a small business owner who has no time and no idea what your site visitors are clicking on, it’s time to…


Spend Five Minutes Each Week on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Monitoring.


Recently, I spoke to teams at both large and small organizations who had no idea what visitors were doing when they visited their sites.


Well, in just five minutes a week, you can change that.


By setting up some kind of free analytics, like Google Analytics,, you will uncover a wealth of information.


Basically, you just sign up for the service and place the code that Google gives you on your Home page. Then, the next time you log into Google, you can see all kinds of information.


You’ll discover what SEO keywords people use to find your site, what pages they click on most, how long they spend on the site, and much more.


And why is this worth five minutes of your time each week?


Well, with this data, you can:


·        See what site visitors find most valuable on your site and provide more information relevant to their needs.

·        Discover what SEO keywords are working to get people to your site and use them in your copy.

·        Change the pages on your Website that are not popular to help increase the length of time people spend on your site.

·        Test various messages on different pages to find out what is working and what isn’t.


Don’t Forget Your SEO Analytics!


There is a wealth of valuable information in your site analytics. Just by taking a few minutes each week to see what’s going on, you can provide value to returning and potential customers and save time and effort in your marketing efforts.


More important, you’ll be able to give your customers what they want and increase sales.



Do you need help increasing site traffic with SEO copywriting? Please write to me here or check out all the cool information at

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