Prepare a Killer PR Story in 3 Steps

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You have worked months on preparing your new product and are ready to announce it to the press. Your press release is ready to go, complete with search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. That’s fantastic… but don’t expect a lot of publicity just from sending out your release.

Don’t get me wrong. You need to send out a press release announcing your product. But, unless you are a well-known brand or have an unbelievable product, you will not get a lot of media attention from your press release. After all, it’s just an announcement about a new product, and media members see those all the time (yawn!)… so what do you do?

Well, after you announce your product with SEO keywords, it’s time to prepare for a bigger story that the press will find interesting. And it doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, here are…

3 Steps to Prepare a Killer PR Story for Your New Product

1.    Find happy customers.

Look for happy customers who love your new product. Discover how they have used your product and the results they experienced. Ask them why they think your product is unique and to list all the benefits it provided. Have them provide a video or written testimonial. And be sure to get their written approval to share their information with the media.

2.    Create a cool story.

Using the information you received from your happy customers, write a pitch that shows a before-and-after story. Media members want to know how your product benefits others, why it is unique and specific numbers to prove results (reduced my energy bill by 20%, saved me five hours in cooking time, etc.). Try to give your story a personal touch that focuses on people, not the product.

3.    Pitch to targeted, media-members.

Find an appropriate media-member to contact with your specific story and give your pitch via phone. Let that person know that they can have the exclusive on the story and be the first to announce it. If that person is not interested, go on to the next media-member on your list.

Eventually, you will find someone interested in your unique story. If not, it’s time to re-evaluate your pitch and develop a more interesting story specific to a targeted, media venue.

Your Product Is Not The Story.

It can be very exciting to launch a new product. But before you pitch your product to the press, make sure you have some stories about actual use ready to go. After all, media members do not want to hear about your product. They want to hear about the exciting results and unique benefits it gave to real people.

By taking the time to obtain some cool stories from actual customers, and promoting those stories, you’ll obtain more publicity for your new product and reap the benefits!

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