Protect Your Cookies This Holiday Season

ID theft continues to be a major problem. And since many us will be shopping online this holiday season, I caught up with the CEO of MAXA Research International, Inc.,, Manfred Rolle, to get his insights.

Here’s what he had to say about ID protection and publicizing his new product…

Tell us about the MAXA Cookie Manager and
why you created it.Manfred Rolle

With more and more complex and diverse cookie technologies becoming available, it is now almost impossible for the average user to handle them all. As there was no product on the market fulfilling this need, we created MAXA Cookie Manager – and today, no comparable product exists.

Most people are unaware, that besides the normal browser cookies, new types of super cookies have emerged. These cookies are not deleted together with the browser cookies, and can be used through all browsers. Additionally, Web bug cookies can be used to track you while browsing the Internet and create a profile of your interests and habits.

Why is it important for small business owners to protect themselves from data collectors?

Cookies are used as a major tool in the chain of creating a detailed profile about an Internet surfer’s habits, interests and traits. While this is enough to make a person feel queasy, it can be very damaging for a company if information is leaked to third parties or advertisement networks.

Web bugs are cookies especially made to allow the pages to track where you have been, find out whether you have opened e-mails or documents, and expose other private information that you didn’t even know was possible.


How are you getting the word out about this new product?

Globally, we use the Internet like our website, partners, affiliate and online media (YouTube and Twitter etc). Another approach is through regional press activities like magazines, newspapers, etc.  In addition, we also have an affiliate network.

We are now also using a public relations agency in the U.S. with extensive experience in the technology field.

What marketing and public relations activities have been successful for you so far and why?

  • Bitsdujour special deals – reduction on software products for 24 hours in exchange for a large audience.
  • Affiliates that use out product and are themselves enthusiastic about the software. They get a commission for every copy they sell.
  • Software collections (CD/DVD) enclosed in PC magazines (very popular in Europe).
  • We are contacting all the major high tech media outlets.

What kind of marketing and PR efforts do you have planned for the future to promote the MAXA Cookie Manager and why?MAXA

TV reports, TV sales channel, OEM deals and mail order. We believe these are the most effective and profitable marketing and public relations tools.

What tips do you have for entrepreneurs that can help them protect their data while promoting their new businesses?

For their own safety, I would really like people to pay more attention to their privacy.

If you surf the Internet without protection, you are easy prey for almost anybody who wants to exploit you.

Be careful with your personal data, if you join social networks. Social Engineering could be an ideal base to create a profile for identity theft. Keep in mind: “He who does not protect his privacy, has none!”

Good information Manfred! Thanks for watching out for us and giving us your insights on ID protection and publicity. 

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