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Sales Enablement: The Importance of Personalizing Sales Content

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Sales people do more than simply sell to their buyers; they create rich customer relationships that rely on trust, understanding and communication. A huge part of the relationship that a sales person establishes with a frequent contact is based upon knowledge of who their particular customer is, what their business needs are, why those needs aren’t currently being met and especially how that sales rep’s product can fulfill those needs.

That’s why personalizing sales content is more important now than ever before. Today we’re going to look at different ways your startup can customize content with sales enablement to develop stronger leads, deepen customer engagement and get more sales.

Personalization driving performance

Effective sales leaders ask themselves a few important questions before beginning any pitch, including:

  • What business problem does my prospect have that my product can solve?
  • What media format will engage my prospect most effectively?
  • How can I customize my content to apply directly to my prospect’s needs?

Best-in-class sales reps think of these answers instinctively, but for the rest of us, it’s important to sit down and understand the what, where, when and how to best enrich a relationship by engaging more effectively with your customers.

Nobody wants their time wasted with big data and unrelatable anecdotes. That’s why your first job as a seller is to do your due diligence and research a lead before you reach out to them. Don’t think of this as extra work, especially considering all of the time you’ll save when you learn how to simplify your outreach strategies.

Simplifying sales capabilities

Sales reps are told time and time again that the way they communicate with a prospect is more important than the type of information that they communicate – but this can oftentimes be far from the truth.

One of the beautiful things about selling in the digital age is the various media formats and types of content available at the tip of your fingers. You have instant access to shared file folders, customer relationship management tools, sales training courses and more. You have everything your sales team has ever needed to sell more, and yet juggling between these exciting new technologies can become a task in and of itself.

Salespeople need any extra hand they can get to reduce the number of steps they take to deliver the content their prospect is looking for. That’s why it’s important to consolidate your startup’s sales systems in order to decrease the amount of time spent digging and increase the amount of time spent selling. The end result is faster conversions and higher sales.

The tools of the trade

Sales tools and technology have made it easier than ever to not only engage effectively with customers, but to measure that engagement. After all, the best way to truly improve your team’s sales performance is by consistently engaging with your customers.

Here are four important tools that can help aid the engagement and communication that is so important to making a sales deal:

  • Sales content management: The first and best starting point to give your team a leg up in their sales productivity is an effective sales content management system. It will organize your team’s shared content by what’s most relevant to your current stage in the conversation, what’s worked best in the past and what matters most to your customer
  • Sales playbook: The playbook is personalization’s best friend. This tool organizes targeted content for each prospect, and provides your sales team with highlights and suggestions on when a buyer is most likely to positively respond to any given piece of content
  • Sales pitch service: Using a sales pitch service, your team will be able to track what a customer is clicking on, where they are lingering or what they are skipping over entirely while you are mid-pitch. A capability like this doesn’t just help salespeople think quick on a call, it provides the entire team with insights on how to improve their sales approaches the next time around.
  • Engagement analytics: From start to negotiation to finish, it’s now possible to quantitatively measure customer engagement via smarter sales content analytics. New tools are helping sales leaders navigate the complicated journey through the sales pipeline, and advancements in sales technology is at the forefront of that mission.

Personalization as a sales superpower

At the end of the day, buyers and consumers demand the trust, understanding and communication that we discussed at the very beginning of this article. They want to see content that relates specifically to them and their needs, and they need to see those capabilities right away. New sales techniques and tools are simply fortifying that effort by delivering customized content, consolidating platforms and interfaces and illuminating insights to help strengthen sales strategies.

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