Infographic: SEO Predictions for 2015 (Part 1)

Infographic: What’s in store for the SEO world in 2015?

Never have three words incited so many conflicting emotions in the marketing world: Search. Engine. Optimization. SEO is always evolving, which means that we need to continuously adapt our marketing and business strategies in order to stay one step ahead.

So what’s in store for the SEO world in 2015? To find out, we asked 6 of the biggest experts in the biz about their predictions on how SEO will continue to change and influence content. They gave their respective two cents on which SEO tactics will continue to be important – and which are are likely headed out the door.

Check out what 3 of our experts – Andy Crestodina, Ann Smarty and Eric Enge had to say about SEO with this infographic. Come back tomorrow to see the 2nd part of the infographic with answers from Aaron Wall, Aleyda Solis and Bruce Clay.

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