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4 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for Multi-Location Businesses

A well-developed digital marketing strategy has become a must-have for multi-location businesses. Customers are shopping online more than ever before, with 56 percent of sales influenced by digital during the past year. While many businesses have mastered the basics of digital, the constantly evolving landscape requires brands to analyze their efforts regularly. Keeping up with the latest techniques and trends will ensure your brand stays on top of its game in the new year.

The infographic below reveals the fresh new trends that will make a difference in your digital marketing strategy. The infographic explores the rise of “Open Now” in search, which is an alternative to the popular “Near Me.” In addition to these new keywords, consumers are increasingly using voice search to find the products and services they need. Successful brands will optimize their content to accommodate these new keywords and voice-activated devices.

Google My Business and Facebook pages will remain prominent this year, making it important for multi-location businesses to fully invest in these social sites. Encouraging positive reviews, interacting with customers, and keeping business information accurate will be keys to social media success. The type of content posted also plays an important role in multi-location business success. While long-form blogs are still popular, consumers tend to prefer shorter content for videos and Google Posts.

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Investing in your Google My Business and Facebook pages, experimenting with different types of content, and preparing for voice-driven technology will help your brand take its digital marketing efforts to the next level. Find out more by viewing the full infographic from MDG.

digital marketing

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