7 Form Conversion Killers (and How to Avoid Them)

More than 80 percent of abandoning visitors never return to a website. So, what’s killing those conversions? Smart marketers (or marketing ninjas, as we like to call them) will thwart conversion killers before they strike, optimizing websites for ultimate conversion rates.

Read on for five common problems you may face when it comes to form conversion on your startup’s website:

  1. Using social media incorrectly: Be weary of making visitors sign up for a new account, as 86 percent of users won’t do so if it requires a registration process. However, 77 percent of users are comfortable with single sign-on using an existing social media account.
  2. Flat calls to action: Conversion rates jump by as much as 320 percent when an additional word is added to “Submit.” For example, “Submit Now” or “Submit Form.” Liven up your CTA with a clear direction for increased conversions.
  3. Lacking marketing strategy: Email marketing works. As many as 68 percent of companies report a strong return on investment. Make sure to keep email a prominent marketing strategy in your startup’s toolbox.
  4. Slow load times: Slow load times can be a killer for conversion. Ensure your website is optimized for fast load times on desktop and mobile platforms.
  5. No empirical evidence: More than 70 percent of Americans are turning to product reviews during the research phase of their buyer journey, and 63 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site featuring product reviews and ratings.
  6. Opt for autofill: Utilizing social media profiles to autofill form data boosts completion rates by as much as 189 percent.
  7. Keep it short: The average adult attention span is eight seconds. Keeping content short and to the point will help drive conversions.

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