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5 Ways to Assess Whether Your Content Marketing Is Doing Its Job

It’s a simple fact: Even if you write consistent content for your startup's blog and website, you’re not guaranteed the results you want. Yet, not every entrepreneur takes the time to assess why they’re not succeeding with content marketing. As a result, they’re left believing that content marketing is an ineffective tool that they shouldn’t...
onboarding emails
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6 Tactics for Incredible Customer Onboarding Emails

Onboarding emails are one of the first things a new user sees when they sign up for a service. To some, they’re helpful, while others see them as a nuisance — like instant spam mail. That being said, user reception is typically based on how good the onboarding email is. In this article, we’ll teach you...
email marketing
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7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Whether it’s a broken link, a spelling error, or worst of all, sending a message to the wrong audience, an email-gone-awry is never a good thing for a brand. With the growing success email marketing campaigns provide for small businesses, newsletters are an essential part of keeping and creating engaged customers. A good marketing strategy...
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The 4 Key Pillars of Instagram Success

Recently, Instagram hit a milestone when it was revealed that the social media application had become over 800 million users strong. Now, imagine getting even a fraction of those users to take notice of your business. If you are new to the startup space, then you may not have realized just how vital Instagram has...
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7 Form Conversion Killers (and How to Avoid Them)

More than 80 percent of abandoning visitors never return to a website. So, what’s killing those conversions? Smart marketers (or marketing ninjas, as we like to call them) will thwart conversion killers before they strike, optimizing websites for ultimate conversion rates. Read on for five common problems you may face when it comes to form...
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9 Essential Qualities of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

Online crowdfunding sounds like a no-brainer. Once you have a terrific business idea, your target audience helps you fund the business to get it off the ground. Right? It’s only once entrepreneurs start promoting their idea that the true difficulty of crowdfunding becomes real. When you consider that only 30 percent of crowdfunding campaigns achieve...
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7 Ways to Boost Your Content Strategy

If you've been producing content for a while, either on behalf of your business or brand, you might fear that your well of creative ideas is running dry. Yes, it's difficult to be inspired all the time, but the fear of running out of ideas shouldn't be taken too seriously. There is always a new...
web design
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12 Startup Web Design Trends to Give Your Brand a Boost

When it comes to startup brands, a good website design can help you stand out from the crowd. Seamless navigation, clever illustrations and exciting video are just a few elements that can elevate a design and take a brand from good to great. Plus, startups need all the help they can get to ensure they...
call to action
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4 Sneaky Ways to Add a Persuasive Call to Action That Gets Noticed

If you’ve been actively creating content for brands in the social space for a while now, chances are you’re familiar with what it means to include a call to action, or CTA, and its overall importance. This is the trigger that encourages readers or customers to take action. For example, ending a blog post by...
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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Facebook Insights for Business

Facebook for Business can be a powerful tool to help startups build an audience for their product or service. However, it can also involve a lot of time and effort with deceptively little reward. It’s easy to put a lot of energy into Facebook, but that investment in time requires proper planning, as well as...
content marketing
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Why Content Marketing Doesn’t End with a Pageview

One of the most common mistakes that I see when it comes to content marketing is lack of strategy. Most companies know that they need a plan for their content marketing, from content ideas to an editorial calendar to their voice/tone. But this is not the same thing as having a strategy. A content marketing...
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How to Use Pay-Per-Click to Help Grow Your Startup

You just launched a startup company, and there are countless things you have on your “to do” list. One of the first things you should establish is PPC marketing. PPC, also known as pay-per-click, marketing allows you to measure and track return on investment (ROI), regularly test the market you are competing in and drive...
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The 10-Day Plan for Launching an E-Commerce Startup

Successfully growing an e-commerce business requires careful consideration and due diligence. There’s obviously a lot of work that goes into planning and formulating an e-commerce business, but the real hustle comes when you’re ready to launch and start selling. The most important work comes between the time it takes you to buy a domain and...
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How to Produce Juicy Content That Catches Eyeballs

Where I live in Los Angeles, I constantly see billboards for popular YouTubers, which tells me that Google is investing a lot of money into helping popular brands succeed. More and more frequently, we are seeing popular YouTubers transcend the internet with content and move into more traditional media and movies, knocking down the gatekeepers...
marketing strategy
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5 Ways to Integrate Content Into Your Existing Marketing Strategy

If you’ve gotten a start on your marketing strategy but haven’t quite figured out how content fits in, this article is for you. Many companies know they should or could get started with content marketing, but they don’t necessarily see how the pieces fit together. The truth is that this kind of an integrated approach...
Budget-friendly strategies
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Budget-Friendly Strategies to Market Your Business Blog

As a busy business owner, you need everything you do to matter. Maintaining a relevant blog is hard work and it's important that your content facilitates your goals and produces results. Blogging just for the sake of doing so does not help a company grow. It can be tempting to purchase expensive tools or consultants to produce and...
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5 Ways to Create a More Engaging Website Experience

On the surface, starting a company seems fairly easy, right? There are more than 18 million businesses in the U.S. alone, so how hard could it be? Well, starting a business isn’t rocket science, but creating a successful business can be much more challenging. Successfully entering today’s corporate sector is no simple feat—about 8 of 10 entrepreneurs’...
SaaS businesses
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8 Creative Ways for SaaS Businesses to Generate Leads

Software as a Service businesses (SaaS) know that sometimes it can be very challenging to find new paying customers. There are many channels waiting to be exploited, but not all of them work for every small business. A SaaS is a different type of business that requires different marketing strategies for customer acquisition. There are many...