5 Ways to Create a More Engaging Website Experience

On the surface, starting a company seems fairly easy, right? There are more than 18 million businesses in the U.S. alone, so how hard could it be? Well, starting a business isn’t rocket science, but creating a successful business can be much more challenging.

Successfully entering today’s corporate sector is no simple feat—about 8 of 10 entrepreneurscompanies fail within 18 months. To compete in today’s economy and business ecosystem, startups need an amazing product, an incredible team and a rock-solid website.

Although companies conceptualize their products and build their teams independently, they do not need to design their websites alone. Luckily, there are web developers and proven techniques that startups can employ to create engaging homepage experiences for their customers.

Below, you’ll find five basic, yet effective, principles that can help any startup create a more engaging homepage experience. If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level and boost your sales, read on:

Design for visitors

Many entrepreneurs don’t have web design experience, so they enlist the help of a web developer. Working with a specialist has many advantages, but it can lead to one major pitfall: an overly complicated website.

Designers often design for their own preferences, which doesn’t always result in simple, user-friendly experiences. If you hire a designer to help you with your website, tell him or her that you need a simple front end design that’s extremely user-friendly.

Who does it well? Baarb

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Keep it current

Managing your homepage so it’s up-to-date can help boost your companys credibility and create a more positive user experience. We live in a digital age, and customers expect companies to have strong, current online presences.

If your company doesn’t undergo any major changes, you should still consider updating your site semi-annually. Slight updates can pique the interest of returning visitors and newcomers alike.

Who does it well? Overstock

Use high-quality images

Vision and learning are extremely connected, so the importance of using well-thought-out supporting images can’t be overlooked. In other words, the cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words” is still prevalent for a reason.  

If your company is product-based, you may want to feature your main product on your site’s homepage. If you do this, provide a 360-degree view of the product elsewhere on your site. Service-based companies can use high-impact images or photos of their service to draw customers in, as well.

Who does it well? Houzz

Show an end result

When a customer is considering doing business with a new company, they want to know how they will benefit from the interaction. In order to help your customers conduct their cost benefit analysis, your homepage can provide information about success stories and end results.

In addition to providing results and success stories on your homepage, consider adding a case study. Case studies improve your company’s marketing because they help customers understand how a product/service is valuable, and why it’s worth investing in.

Who does it well? Proactive

Easy-to-follow next step

Needless to say, your website should drive sales. Luckily, companies can add a “call to action” to their site that helps encourage buying behavior. Visitors should never wonder “what’s next?” when they view your site, so take away that chance all together with a call to action.

If your company sells a physical product, you can include a “shop now” button that outlines exactly how they can purchase your product. Similarity, if you’re selling a service, customers should quickly understand how they can order it.

Who does it well? Bevel

Creating a successful company is hard work, but designing a successful website doesn’t have to be. With the right homepage, any startup, even a little ma-and-pa business, can become an empire.

If your startup needs its first website, go the extra mile. Learn how to hire a great web developer, take the time to discuss your homepage and general website with them and make sure you can work together to revise the site until you’re happy with the final product.

All of the time and effort might seem overwhelming at first, but websites pay off big for brands and companies. Quickly boost your startup’s online presence and reputation with a great homepage and user-friendly website.

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