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The Best Tools to Build a Website for Your Side Hustle

You want your side hustle to make you money. While the actual hours you put into your work are what enable you to run a lucrative business, a website is a powerful tool that can further amplify your earning power.  But are all website builder tools the same? Can you pick up a tool like...
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5 Arguments for Investing in an Updated Website

You paid to have a website designed when you first launched your business, and it served its purpose... for a while. If it’s been a decade or more since you last revamped your website, you should seriously consider an update. "But why?" you ask, "We’re getting leads. Why fix what isn’t broken?" The question is: How many...
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3 Ways to Build an Engaging Website and Reduce Bounce Rates

You’ve taken all the right steps to build an engaging website and draw get customers to your site. You’ve SEOed the living daylights out of your store. You’re writing regular blog posts, and you have solid metadata for every post, every product and every page. Now that you’re finally getting the traffic you’ve fought so...
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5 Ways to Create a More Engaging Website Experience

On the surface, starting a company seems fairly easy, right? There are more than 18 million businesses in the U.S. alone, so how hard could it be? Well, starting a business isn’t rocket science, but creating a successful business can be much more challenging. Successfully entering today’s corporate sector is no simple feat—about 8 of 10 entrepreneurs’...
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Bespoke Web Design Hacks for Your Site

Design Hacks for Your Website Whether you’re a business owner or independent professional, your website is an online portfolio, a hub of information and a powerful sales tool. Harnessing the power of your site can be incredibly rewarding - but without a strategic and intelligent approach to web design, it will never achieve its promotional...
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Get on the Google Rocketship!

This is the second time this year (so far) that I've done a shameless plug for a product offered here at StartupNation. But when I believe in something so strongly -- in its value and transformative power to set businesses on a more successful path -- I just can't help it! This one's called Google...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Website

For many of you, your business website will act as a central hub for your marketing, branding and communications. It will be a major touchpoint in your relationship with your prospects and customers. If you plan on being successful, it behooves you to create a website that fuels your business growth. Then why is it...
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How To Look Big In Your 50+ Business When You’re Really Small

During your first year in business you must continually work at perfecting a subtle, yet critically important game of projecting an image for your new business that says: “I’m established”, “I’m experienced and connected”, and most importantly, “I’m successful”. Most of our start-up clients in our Virtual Incubator Program are solo owners, many running their...
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New Homepage & Global Navigation on the way users have been telling us what they want and we've been listening. Now you shall receive! The new is days away from being introduced, including improved navigation!! Here's a smattering of some of the requests StartupNation regular users have made: “Give me a great sense of the huge amount of stuff available without...
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Cool Company of the day: Template Monster

Not quite sure how to design your web site? Want to avoid the expenses of working with designers to come up with and build out a design? We were turned on to a great solution by Brian, our web manager. And he's right - you need look no further than, a site that has...