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Spring Cleaning for Digital Marketing: 4 Things Every Brand Should Do Now

Keeping your marketing approaches fresh is essential for any business, but it’s especially important for those launching a new brand. As the season of new beginnings, spring is a great time to assess the performance of your startup’s social media channels, platforms and strategies. This allows you to identify which areas need some sprucing up, and which should be eliminated.

While every business will face different challenges when developing digital marketing approaches, there are some key areas that must be assessed regularly. Not surprisingly, social media is tops. The social media landscape is always evolving, making it essential to examine your current channels carefully. Is your brand utilizing the channels that best resonate with your audience? Are you missing out on opportunities provided by the most popular platforms?

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In addition to examining social media strategies, entrepreneurs must ensure all data is stored properly.

Data security is an important issue among consumers; in fact, 85 percent of consumers say they will avoid a business known to have security breaches.

Mobile load speed is another important issue for on-the-go consumers who want to find product information quickly. When pages load slowly and aren’t designed for the mobile experience, visitors are far more likely to bounce.

Finally, it’s time to fully commit to marketing attribution. Long called the “holy grail of marketing,” attribution helps businesses of all sizes allocate their budgets properly.

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Taking on so many tasks as you enter the spring marketing season may seem daunting, but the hard work will pay off. Analyze your processes and make changes now so you can avoid costly mistakes later in the year. To find out how you can ensure your startup is at the top of its game in 2018, check out the full infographic below.

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