4 Ways to Etsy-fy Your Customer Experience

There are two types of online shopping experiences: the fast and free necessity purchase and the personalized boutique purchase. The shopper seeking the first option just wants to buy the product and receive it as quickly as possible. The shopper that is seeking the latter type of personalized online experience often ends up on a site such as Etsy, a marketplace that features handmade or otherwise difficult-to-find items created by skilled artisans.

Customers looking for this personalized experience are not so concerned with shipping fees or fast delivery because they are paying for craftsmanship and care. Much like receiving an unexpected handwritten thank you note from your niece in the mail, these shopping experiences make you feel connected to the person or store that you purchased from. As a result, you remember the store and return to buy again; or you may tell someone else about your experience.

Since it can be a challenge for startups to compete with the fast, free shipping that most online customers have come to expect, one viable option is to “Etsy-fy” your customer’s experience.

Sellers on Etsy are masters at making their customers feel special, whether by including quirky extras to each package, wrapping the items in unusual packaging, or adding a handwritten note expressing their gratitude for every order. Etsy sellers have proven that, no matter the product or the size of your company, each package can be personalized in order to build strong relationships with your customers. When you build this type of connection, you increase the odds that you will inspire customers to return to your store.

Return customers are more valuable than new customers for several reasons. For one, they don’t cost as much, requiring far less in marketing efforts to return to your site. They are also more likely to purchase during holiday seasons and spend more per order, because you’ve established a relationship built on trust. For this reason, it is crucial for e-commerce startups to invest in personalizing shipments.

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How to “Etsy-fy” your customer experience

Combine a personalized greeting or welcome note with a special come back offer

Welcome new customers to the family. As customers, we identify brands as an extension of our own values or persona; so this simple message establishes that identity with new customers.

You can continue to build your relationship with repeat customers by offering them related products that acknowledge their regular purchases. Including a promotional or discount code for another purchase builds loyalty further.

Personalize the package based on the order

Knowing what a customer wants or is interested in vastly increases the chances of a repeat purchase, and it can also increase the size of the typical repeat order. If you shop at places like CVS, you’ve likely received receipts that feature custom-chosen coupons for products that are similar to the ones you have previously purchased. These stores have tracked your purchases in order to provide you with incentives that are personalized to your preferences.

In the same way, e-commerce entrepreneurs can use similar platforms to track their customers’ purchases in order to generate personalized incentives. These can be sent either via email or as promotional inserts featuring other products related to the contents of the order.

Include a handwritten note

In a digital world, the personalized note stands out as a unique and special feature. That handwritten note included in your order adds to the magical moment when you open the box. It isn’t just an order you placed online (one fulfilled and sent by robots), it’s an experience thoughtfully created by an individual who is actually grateful to have created something for you.

Such an experience leaves an impression. But obviously, it is not possible for startups focused on growth to include handwritten notes in each and every order to create this impression. So, smart e-commerce companies have tried to emulate this experience in a couple of ways. Some opt to employ businesses that actually handwrite notes to customers. While this may not be a viable option to include with all of your orders, it is possible to do this for specific products or perhaps for repeat customers.

Another option for e-commerce businesses looking to include handwritten notes is to use 3D printers or even dedicated handwriting printers to recreate notes that look like they were written by hand.

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Personalize the order by adding unexpected surprises

There are a number of factors you can use to personalize the “unboxing experience.” Add elements such as colored tissue paper, a simple novelty toy or an extra branded piece of swag. To make sure you can scale these tasks for each order shipped, create simple rules that are easy for the packer to follow.

For example, you can use a specific packing material color based on the order’s shipping state, or include an item based on the day of the week in which the order is shipped.

It doesn’t take much, but finding a way to add just a little something special to your orders can make a huge impact in the number of return customers your store receives, and in turn, the number of sales your store makes.

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