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WJR Business Beat: Customer Experience Matters Most (Episode 373)

On today's Business Beat, Jeff Sloan explains the importance of providing a supreme customer experience. Tune in below to learn what consumers say that experience must have:       Tune in to News/Talk 760 AM WJR weekday mornings at 7:11 a.m. for the WJR Business Beat. Listeners outside of the Detroit area can listen...
customer experience
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Customer Experience: 5 Tips For New Businesses From a Startup Investor

Customer experience is a vital element of a startup’s growth. In fact, surveys have shown that 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better experience and that 49% of buyers will make an impulse purchase after receiving a personalized email. Knowing this, it’s clear you need to work on improving the experiences...
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Tips for Turning Your Side Hustle Into a Thriving Full-Time Business

The story of my company, White Spider, began when I rented out the guest bedroom of my San Francisco apartment. I initially did it to make some quick cash to buy a used bike, but that weekend turned into many, and the bedroom became a mainstay on Airbnb. Eventually, I quit my high-paying job as...
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This Franchisee Shares How to Survive and Thrive During Tough Times

The year 2020 will always be synonymous with words like “tragic,” “traumatic” and “tough.” For Mosquito Authority® franchise owner B.J. Bacha, it was certainly challenging, but it was also a year when being involved in an essential business brought out the full value in being a franchisee. As many other businesses were shut down by...
e-commerce 2021
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5 Things E-Commerce Startups Should Focus on for Success in 2021

After a year like 2020, it’s tempting to advise any and all entrepreneurs to simply hold on for dear life in 2021. Many businesses are still scrambling to move online, and big brands are diving into e-commerce in a way that may intimidate some smaller players who are looking to break out. So, to help...
customer feedback
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Why Your Startup Must Incorporate Customer Needs to Drive Growth

Companies with above-average customer experience financially outperform their competitors in 73% of cases. But while being consumer-centric has its undeniable benefits, the journey is not necessarily an easy one. First, you need to discover what your customers actually want. Then, this knowledge needs to be incorporated into every layer of your business, including product development,...
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4 Ways to Etsy-fy Your Customer Experience

There are two types of online shopping experiences: the fast and free necessity purchase and the personalized boutique purchase. The shopper seeking the first option just wants to buy the product and receive it as quickly as possible. The shopper that is seeking the latter type of personalized online experience often ends up on a...
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How Startups Can Compete with E-Commerce Giants Amid the Pandemic

It comes with little surprise that as the pandemic grows, the demand for safe, one-stop online shopping options grows, as well. The numbers reported by big-box retailers reflect this logic. Target reported the strongest quarterly sales growth in its history. Walmart touted unprecedented earnings in Q2 which led to a 97 percent revenue boost from...
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How Your New E-Commerce Brand Can Drive Exponential Growth

As retailers worldwide make the shift to e-commerce, how can your business follow suit? Total e-commerce revenue is expected to reach $4.2T in 2020, a pie that startup companies are sure to want a piece of. If your company is planning to make the leap into e-commerce for the first time, or recently started selling...
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3 Smart Ways Businesses Can Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable forms of data entrepreneurs can obtain about their consumer base, from positive moments to unsatisfactory experiences. Why do brands need this feedback, even if it’s negative? There are a few reasons why it matters to collect customer feedback. Feedback allows brands to better improve or adjust their...
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9 Business Moguls on How to Break Into a New Industry and Make it to the Top

Looking to blaze into a new industry? We asked some of the world's smartest business people and Advisors in The Oracles for their best tips for breaking into a new field, from tech to real estate to day trading. StartupNation exclusive savings on the Dell products that power your business: Save Now Get in the game Jump...
personalized emails
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How Personalized Emails Improve Your Customer Experience

More than 293 billion emails are sent and received every day. Cutting through that clutter to reach your target customers can be tough, but the benefits are plentiful. On average, email marketing generates $38 for every dollar spent. That’s an ROI of 3800 percent when executed properly. In addition to conversions, email marketing can improve...
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How Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Can Remain Competitive in an Online World

With so much competition from online behemoths like Amazon and Walmart, smaller businesses may wonder how they'll ever survive. The retail market space and its competition are no longer composed of just those stores within a local radius. Entrepreneurs are now competing with sellers nationwide that order in bulk and offer deep discounts. Add Amazon...
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This Brand Loyalty Consultant Shares How to Build a Business Everyone Will Love

Kyle M.K. is a brand loyalty consultant who’s worked with major brands, including Uber, General Assembly, Walt Disney World Resort and the Ritz-Carlton. His book, “The Economics of Emotion: How to Build a Business Everyone Will Love,” was published earlier this year, which explores how consumers’ emotions impact their decisions, and how company leaders can...
customer relationships
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How Growing Businesses Can Maintain Customer Relationships Like it’s Day One

Today’s most successful startups are growing fast. Yet, with fast growth comes an expanded customer base; and with it, the potential to lose the close relationships you had in the early days. Customer experience is more important now than ever. A recent Walker study reported that customer experience will overtake product and price as the...
customer success
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Why Focusing on Customer Success Will Pay Off in the Long Run

Focusing on customer success is a good way to make sure your business thrives. While getting new customers also generates revenue, being aware of your current clients’ goals and working with them to achieve them is more worthwhile in the long run. Oftentimes, companies don’t remember this and prioritize their own success, forgetting why they...
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How to Staff a Strong Culture on a Shoestring Budget

Founding a successful startup is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur can do. Money is tight, talent is limited and competition is fierce. Time is money. It can be a vicious cycle, which explains why more than 50 percent of startups fail within four years. So, what does it take to survive? The right...
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6 Reasons Why Startups Should Use Chatbots

Delivering a positive customer experience should be a priority for every startup. With 50 percent of consumers switching brands because of poor service, you could risk your fledgling enterprise’s future if you overlook the quality of your customer experience. Fortunately, businesses have more tools at their disposal to keep customers satisfied than ever, including the...