How to Improve Site Optimization Fast

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The busy, fall months are here, and you are probably inundated with upcoming, holiday promotions and year-end issues… not to mention your responsibilities with friends and family. But this is no time to forget about your SEO (search engine optimization) activities. Instead, take a few minutes to think about these three, tips:

1. Think Action!

When writing new, marketing copy for your Website and your e-mail campaigns, try to think of verbs that will cause emotion in your reader. Also, write in the present tense with short paragraphs. You’ll instantly make your content more exciting and reader-friendly.

2. What Do Your Customers Want?

Think about their problems and how you can solve them. Then, provide a tip sheet, case study, “How To” article, or blog that provides the answers they are looking for. If you give your target market what they want, you’ll increase word-of-mouth and credibility.

3. Don’t Focus on Keywords.

That’s right. While you are writing your copy, don’t think about all of keywords you want to include. Instead, focus on providing value and “what’s in it for your customers.”

In the process, you’ll end up using your SEO keywords and creating copy that the search engines will pick up. Today, content is king, and your customers, and the search engines, are looking for valuable data… not word repetition.

Save Time and Get Better Results.

Before you sit down to write, think about your audience and the benefits you can offer them. Then, provide valuable information in a reader-friendly format that people will want to share with others.

This way, you’ll save time writing and produce copy that brings in sales and site visitors. O.k. Now you can get back to your other responsibilities….

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