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Since our initial launch date, Melanie Rembrandt has been an integral part of the StartupNation team.

As the founder of Rembrandt Communications®, LLC,, Melanie is one of the country's top, public-relations consultants, an SEO copywriter and a published writer with over 20 years of extensive experience and an excellent track-record for success.

She specializes in helping entrepreneurs get the attention and credibility they need via targeted public-relations and SEO copywriting efforts (including Web site copy that sells, newsletters, eReports, social media, blogs, SEO press releases, e-mail auto responders, direct marketing, and more!).

Melanie offers tips and insights via her blogs and monthly newsletter, "Rembrandt Writes Insights®." And she provides in-depth training presentations to various businesses and organizations nationwide.

Melanie is also the author of "Secrets of Becoming a Publicist," published by American Writers & Artists, Inc., "Simple Publicity," published by 1WinPress, StartupNation's "7 Steps to Successful Public Relations," and the host of the SmallBiz America Radio Channel, "PR and SEO Quick Tips with Melanie Rembrandt."

A magna cum laude graduate of the prestigious UCLA School of Theater,Film and Television, Melanie is the official small-business PR expert for StartupNation and Pink Magazine Online. She’s open to your questions, comments and suggestions at and @rembrandtwrites on Twitter.

And you can also sign-up to receive her e-newsletter and reports packed with great information at:

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On Tuesday, we heard from Mark Amtower, a marketing consultant specializing in business-to-government marketing strategy and tactics, for both large and small firms.

Here are some more of Mark’s secrets to success:

What tips do you have for entrepreneurs who want to build buzz with very little money?

Ask your best customers what they read (Web and traditional), what they attend and what they belong to. What they read will aim you at the media outlets (traditional and Web) that you need to develop relationships with.

Media relationships are perhaps the most important you have after customer relationships. Add value to the media relationship (give them background info, quotes, whatever they need and ask for) and you will be rewarded tenfold. Being written about offers a credibility that advertising can never buy. Tie this into your Web 2.0 (blogging, Twitter, social networking, etc) activities.

Is it a good time to be working for the government? Why or why not?

It is always a good time to look at doing business with the government. But it is not a market for everyone. Yes, it is big, Yes, they have several programs for small business.

But it is not easy. I had several of my expert friends help me do a free ebook on the topic, The Top Things a CEO Needs to Know Before Entering the Government Market. You can download it for free (you don’t even have to register!) at .

How can new entrepreneurs break into working for the government?

First, read the ebook. Second, go to and click on Resources. Read a few of the free “Doing Business with” links. Determine where your product best fits. Government Express was built to offer lots of free information to the novice in B2B (business-to-government).  After that, if you want some guidance, email me with your question, and I will try to answer your question or refer you to a source that can. email . Please put “StartUp Nation” in the subject line so I will know where the question comes from.

What advice would you like to share with small business owners to help them survive, and even thrive, in today’s business world?

Focus on your core strength and establish an area of expertise, what sets you apart from other companies. Ask companies you have worked with in the past for both more business and recommendations and testimonials. Get them to post recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Get some PR in the right places. You don’t need a PR firm to get press or raise your visibility.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Use the Web 2.0 tools to support your marketing and get people back to your Web site, blog, etc. If you are unsure about how to get your own PR, I have audio programs that tell how I get PR, on using LinkedIn and more. PR and LinkedIn are two major assets in my arsenal, and help me maintain a high visibility in the market.

Where can people find out more about you and your services? is my home page and there is a ton on my LinkedIn profile,

Thanks for taking the time to share your tips with us Mark!

Do you need to get people to your Website with PR and SEO copywriting? Please let me know here or at I’d be happy to answer your questions, offer free information and help you out! Thanks!

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