Do You Know How Many SEO Keywords To Use?

I just finished speaking at PINK’s big, “Spring Into Ownership” event in Atlanta about search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting and social media, and one of the biggest questions I received was…

“How many search engine optimization keywords should I use on my Website pages?”

Well, first of all, stop worrying about how many SEO keywords you should use. Instead, ask yourself…

How many words is it going to take to provide a valuable message to my target market?

Before you begin writing, develop some answers for these, key questions:

• What are you trying to accomplish on this Web page?
• What do you want visitors to do when they read it?
• What kind of benefits are you offering your target market?

Once you know what your goal is for your Web page, you can begin writing.

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short for easy reading. Avoid fluff and get to the point.

And while you are writing, try to insert your top three or four SEO keywords where it makes sense.

Add your keywords to your headlines, sub-headlines and in your hyperlinks.

Write your copy so it flows smoothly, and you get your message across. And note that readers should not notice that you are using specific keywords.

When you are finished writing your Web copy, have a person in your target market read it. Then, ask:

• What is the main message you received from reading this page?
• Is the copy easy to read and understand?
• What changes would you make to the copywriting on this page to provide more value?

If you get positive responses, you know that you have a good, initial Web page to post. If not, change the copy accordingly. Once your copy is ready and goes live on your Web site, track the clicks and responses.

• How is your copy doing?
• Are the search engines pulling up your Web page when you enter your keywords?
• Do site visitors click on the links and follow the action you want them to take?

Don’t Sweat It!

SEO copywriting is not about adding a specific amount of keywords to your Website. It’s about writing what you need to write in order to share a specific message and provide value to your target market.

With this in mind, focus on the content you are providing rather than the number of SEO keywords.

If you write good copy, sprinkle in your SEO keywords where they need to be and test your results, the search engines will notice. But more importantly, you’ll provide valuable information that will turn site visitors into customers.

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