Stadium Marketing Idea that You Can Copy

Last night I attended my first baseball game of the season at AT&T Park in San Francisco. It’s tradition in most stadiums around the US to incorporate a little crowd participation on the big screens during a break in the game. Everyone has a little fun watching the KissCam, you know when couples are shown on screen and they have to kiss- the crowd cheers. I also like the Celebrity Look-a-Like Cam when a fan is shown side by side with a celebrity photo-again the crowd cheers. Well last night I came up with my own idea for the tech center of the country to leverage, of all things, Twitter! My group agreed that I should put the idea out there on the blogosphere, and discuss how the same idea could be leveraged at trade shows, on websites, or kiosks in employee offices.

So here’s the idea…
Wouldn’t it be great (that’s how most of my ideas start) if during game breaks fans could tweet and link twitpics from around the stadium to the team and then the show manager could choose which tweets to retweet and stream on the big screen?You get the idea. So could a product company leverage this idea?
Imagine for example for Snuggie blanket people, they could send out an email marketing campaign to ask their customers, twitter followers, and facebook fans to tweet pics of themselves, or their family and friends, wearing the Snuggie– say at a sporting event, at home, or maybe camping. Then Snuggie could retweet the appropriate messages and demonstrate the acceptance and fun of Snuggie ownership! It’s a great way to engage your influencers, build an online following, and have fun with your loyal customers!

Here are a few short steps to trying this out for your business:
1)    Ask customers to tweet a success or a pic using your product to a special twitter account.
2)    Have a social media or marketing manager review the tweets and choose to retweet the appropriate messages and pics
3)    Project on a monitor in your front lobby, at a tradeshow, or stream right onto your website!
4)    Track whether or not your site traffic increases, your email list grows or your twitter following becomes famous!

What do you think? How can you make this idea work for your business?

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