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year of the customer
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It’s Not Too Late to Make 2021 the Year of the Customer

This is a story about the importance of amazing customer service. Sometimes, entrepreneurs can get too caught up in the day-to-day problems and trying to make money that they forget there are actual humans purchasing their products and services. Recently, I bought a small gift for my daughter that ended up deteriorating within a few...
deliver value boost sales
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5 Ways to Deliver Value to Your Customers and Boost Sales

Yesterday, I received the following email from a customer, whom I had spoken with on the phone earlier when she was having trouble with a discount code: “This company is a true old fashion customer service company. They have been helpful and a delight to work with. We highly recommend them and their products.” Her...
brand story
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The Power of Crafting a Brand Story as an Entrepreneur

Gone are the days when the founder of a company was completely faceless and unknown. Over the last decade or so, there has been a greater call for transparency in the way businesses operate. The individuals who start and run these businesses, regardless of industry, are being called into the spotlight, as more and more...
loyal customers
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Focus on Your Loyal Customers, the Rest Will Follow

When starting a new business, many of us tend to focus our time and effort on scaling and getting more and more customers on our website or through the door. As founders, we should be focusing on winning a few loyal customers who could teach us valuable lessons and help us grow our business further....
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How Startups Can Compete with E-Commerce Giants Amid the Pandemic

It comes with little surprise that as the pandemic grows, the demand for safe, one-stop online shopping options grows, as well. The numbers reported by big-box retailers reflect this logic. Target reported the strongest quarterly sales growth in its history. Walmart touted unprecedented earnings in Q2 which led to a 97 percent revenue boost from...
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3 Ways Stories Establish Trust, Truth and Loyalty in Business Today

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we talk a lot about the importance of communication. We've built up an arsenal of great tools that help us effectively reach our employees and customers, from company-wide emails that provide updates to employee offsites that provide an outlet for professional learning and team building. However, one critical tool continues to...
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Why Sustainability Matters in Business

As you’re building your business, you’ll find yourself juggling many essential tasks. Product design, website management, bookkeeping, marketing and more may initially come to mind as crucial components to starting a business. There's also no better time to weave sustainability into your business than when you’re getting started. Going green is more than just a...
generate sales
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15 Proven Ways to Generate Sales

As a new entrepreneur, you're looking for cost-effective ways to not only generate more sales, but also boost your brand, as well. There are numerous ways that you can do this. Incentivizing your customers with special offers and deals will keep your customers wanting more. If your business is just about to open its doors...
cash perks
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Give Money to Make Money: How to Encourage Repeat Business with Cash Perks

Have you ever wondered why some big-box stores and national chains give you a free $5 or $10 gift card with purchase if you spend more than a specified amount? It’s because consumers consistently spend more than enough to make the gift card redemption profitable for the business, even though they are giving away money...
pat flynn superfans
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Thought Leader Pat Flynn Shares the Keys to Attracting Superfans

Pat Flynn started an online business in 2008 after getting laid off from a job in architecture. Since then, he’s built Smart Passive Income into a thriving online community complete with a blog, podcast and online courses. The Smart Passive Income Podcast has been downloaded over 58 million times, and Flynn’s insights on online entrepreneurship...
loyal clients
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3 Simple Ways to Bring More Loyal Clients to Your Business

Bringing more loyal clients to your business isn’t easy. But it is critical. Finding the diamond in the rough clients can take years of hard work. Relying on referrals and expecting a client to fall into your lap is risky. If it happens, that’s great, but if it doesn’t work out, you’ve wasted time that...
social media
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How to Advertise Your Business on Social Media

Today, over 3 billion people, or nearly 42 percent of the population, scroll through their social media accounts each day. For small business owners, this translates to an opportunity to engage with new and existing customers while building brand awareness. Despite the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, advertising in...
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6 Simple Hacks for Building Loyal, Long-Term Clients

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, that much is obvious. But what many companies (both big and small) fail to realize is that they could be much healthier in the long run if they built a base of loyal, long-term clients, rather than constantly trying to chase down new customers. Research shows that it...
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How to Maintain Confidence in the Market for Your Small Business

Customer demand can be fickle. What’s hot one day can be totally counter-culture the next. How, then, can a startup or small business ensure that their product or service will still be marketable in the future? What steps can they take to ensure that they stay relevant and in-demand among their target market? While there’s...
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Why Transparency Should Be a Key Pillar of Your Business Strategy

As entrepreneurs, we all love a good challenge. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t bother trying to start a business in the first place. But starting a business is one thing, and bootstrapping one is another; especially when competing against corporations with multi-million dollar budgets. While it may be a daunting challenge, it’s not an impossible one. In fact,...